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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial takes readers to the heart of our community with insightful stories and articles.


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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 design | Watershed’s classic design appeals to both readers and advertisers who are drawn to its artfully designed pages.

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circulation | With a regional circulation of 25,000 magazines per issue, Watershed is the largest publication in the region.

A Flood of Memories

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IT SEEMS LIKE only yesterday, but it was 35 years ago that Port Hope, that pretty little town on the Ganaraska River, suffered its worst flood ever. 

FloodofMemories 265px

 Tom Cruickshank

Masseys on My Mind

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IT WAS ONE of those moments, the kind when something obvious but overlooked bursts into your consciousness. 

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 Denny Manchee


Pitcher's Place

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LAST FALL, I MET WITH FRIENDS AT PITCHER’S PLACE, a small restaurant in Gores Landing. As the evening progressed, the sound of our party’s laughter bounced off ...

PitchersPlace 265px

 Jane Kelly

Mind Over Matter

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THE TALL, HANDSOME young man marched boldly into the boxing ring for only his second professional bout, pitted against a seasoned veteran named Stanley Glen. 

Mind Mater 265px

 Paul Dalby



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FencePosts 150pxFENCE POSTS: True Confessions from the 9th Line

author: Dan Needles

CANADA IS A LAND OF COMMITTEES. Years ago, there was a joke making the rounds that every country had its own distinct form of social organization
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Must 150px

MUST, MUST, MUST: What's New and What's To Do

author: Watershed Magazine

OUR MUST, MUST, MUST column highlights a broad range of unique events, causes and activities that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed Region.


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BeyondGardenGate 150pxBEYOND THE GARDEN GATE: Tools of the Gardening Trade

author: Sian Pritchard

Choosing garden tools is a lot like choosing friends: the good ones will last a lifetime and will be there for you when you need them.

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CulturalCurrents 150pxCULTURAL CURRENTS: Jana Ewart

author: Watershed Magazine 

VIBRATING WITH BRILLIANT colour, Jana Ewart’s images dance on her canvasses, inviting onlookers to join in the joy of the moment.

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WatershedPresents 150pxWATERSHED PRESENTS: Name Dropping
author: Tom Cruickshank

Test Your Name and Place Knowledge with our What's in a Name Quiz

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2014.3 george thumb 73x74GEORGE'S POND: A Social Grace Gone AWOL

author: George Smith

IN MATTERS OF gentility and decorum, few would ever mistake me for a graduate of the Emily Post School of Etiquette.

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PamsPlace 150pxPAM'S POINT:  Life Cycle

author: Pam Patchet 

MICHAEL PALIN SAID one of the most important days of his life was when he learned to ride a bicycle, and so it was with me.

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Food 150pxFOOD: Hare-Raising Moms
author: Sheila Trenholm

GRAHAM PEPPERED ME with questions about the Easter Bunny the entire drive to my friend Sarah’s cabin: Is he Roger Rabbit? Does he wear clothes?

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Habitat OneMillion 150pxHABITAT: One Million and Still Counting
author: Norm Wagenaar

OVER THE PAST 19 years, the Northumberland Stewardship Council has significantly altered the local landscape by planting over a million trees...

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FromTheCask 150pxFROM THE CASK: In Pursuit Of Richard Karlo's Dream
author: Jane Kelly

FACING THE PROSPECT of losing one of their own, Prince Edward County winemakers rallied their support, bringing their talents to Karlo Estates Winery in a time of need.

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FoodWine 150

FOOD & WINE SCENE: Rhubarb Glorious Rhubarb
author: Watershed Magazine

WELCOME TO THE food and wine scene, where Watershed shares its secrets and discoveries.

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IntheHood RobertUrich 150pxIN THE 'HOOD: Amazing Lives Lived - Robert Urich
author: Tom Cruickshank

IN THE LATE ’70s, he starred in Vega$, playing a private eye who bombed around Las Vegas in a vintage T-bird.

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Meanderings 150pxMEANDERINGS: The Presqu'ile Point Lighthouse
author: Watershed Magazine

THE ORIGINAL OCTAGONAL limestone lighthouse located at the tip of Presqu’ile Point was completed in 1841.



Spring 2015

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First Words - Spring 2015

first word 74x74

I HAVE A theory that most successful hydraulic engineers start along their career paths in the spring of their childhoods. It’s in the puddles and ponds where they get their first lesson in watersheds, water diversion, damming and drainage. Read more...

Mailbag - Spring 2015

I just wanted to say what an amazing sale we have had with the Glerups from the Must Get Cozy piece (Watershed winter 2014/15) in your magazine. We asked everyone who came into our store to buy a pair, how they knew that we had these in stock and 99% of them said that they saw them in Watershed.


14th yr award


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john jeronimus

john jeroniums 74pxJOHN JERONIMUS HAS an eye for detail. And so he should. In his career as a professional engineer...

meg botha

meg botha 74px

MEG BOTHA, A.K.A. Megatron, is the driving force behind the design and layout of Watershed Magazine. 

tom groot

tom groot 74pxTOM WAS RESPONSIBLE for packaging graphics at Coca-Cola Canada until his retirement.