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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial takes readers to the heart of our community with insightful stories and articles.


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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 design | Watershed’s classic design appeals to both readers and advertisers who are drawn to its artfully designed pages.

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circulation | With a regional circulation of 25,000 magazines per issue, Watershed is the largest publication in the region.

Art of the Community

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WATERSHED IS PROUD TO HIGHLIGHT but a few of the extraordinary volunteers – from carpenters to caregivers, from film buffs to farmers – and the projects and programs they champion…

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Janet Davies, Paul Dalby, Tom Cruickshank / photography: Graham Davies  

Switching Gears

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THE LIBERAL VICTORY IN LOCAL RIDINGS reflects the collision of ex-pat urban and traditional demographics that now define the complex political landscape of our region...

switching gears 265pxauthor: Mandy Martin / illustrator: Carl Wiens 


Snow Before Morning

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LOST IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE, an aging farmer faces the chilling consequences of his stubborn nature and his fierce determination to hang on to his independence…

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Dan Needles / illustrator: Bill Slavin  

Regional Reads

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WATERSHED TAPPED IN to the local literary scene in search of the latest regional book titles. The result is a diverse collection of books written in 2015 by talented local authors…

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 Conrad Beaubien



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2015 winter fence post 150pxFENCE POSTS: True Confessions from the Ninth Concession

author: Dan Needles / illustrator: Shelagh Armstrong

WHEN I BOLTED FROM the insurance company in a city nearly 30 years ago, the idea of a home office was a fairly novel concept.  
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MUST, MUST, MUST: What's New And What's To Do

OUR MUST, MUST, MUST column highlights a broad range of unique events, causes and activities that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed Region.


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2015 winter garden gate 150pxBEYOND THE GARDEN GATE: Winter at Tamarack Farms

author: Denny Manchee / photography: Meg Botha 

EVEN THE DORSET-RIDEAU-CROSS SHEEP need a hit of grain when it's 30 below and howling. Houston, the Great Pyrenees guard, agrees. 

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2015 winter cultural currents 150pxCULTURAL CURRENTS:  The Art of Tracy Douglas

author: Denny Manchee

STILL. ANIMATED. THESE are the polarities of Tracy Douglas's paintings and physical being.

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2014.3 george thumb 73x74GEORGE'S POND:  A Weighty Resolution

author: George Smith / illustrator: Lee Rapp

EVEN TO THESE jaded old eyes, now is not too soon to start thinking about Christmas.  I'm not sure what the earliest appropriate date to slide into the festive mode is ...

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2015 winter pams point 150pxPAM'S POINT:  Dear Buddy

author:  Pam Patchet /  illustrator:  Trish York 

WITH THE POSSIBLE exception of squirrels, Buddy never met a human or animal he didn't like. When I brought him home as a puppy, I promised to love and protect him until the end of his days.

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2015 winter habitat 150pxHABITAT:  Snow Job
author: Norm Wagenaar

LOVE IT OR LOATHE IT, someone's got to keep track of all the white stuff that falls and settles into dense layers.  Enter the snow watchers, with tools to save us from the flood.

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2015 winter from the cask 150pxFROM THE CASK:  Craft Beer on the Rise
author / photography: Mihal Zada

THEIR TASTING NOTES ARE AS COMPLEX AS WINE, but to brew them takes a fraction of the time. Welcome to the endlessly inventive world of artisanal beer.

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2015 winter food and wine 150px

FOOD & WINE SCENE: Winter Picnics

FOR MOST CANADIANS, winter is memorable for all the wrong reasons - the icy highways, the snow drifted against the back door or wind that blows the barn door off.

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2015 winter in the hood 150pxIN THE 'HOOD:  Bob Homme
author: Tom Cruickshank


IF YOU DROPPED INTO THE GRAFTON VILLAGE INN sometime circa 1992, you might have been surprised to see a familiar face playing clarinet by the bar.

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2015 winter meanderings 150pxMEANDERINGS: Warkworth's First Librarian
author: Denny Manchee

SHE WAS 45 when the Warkworth library was created in 1893, and she remained its librarian for the next 40 years ...



Winter 2015/16

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First Words

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‘Tis the season to take stock of our blessings. The village of Grafton still has its own post office, one that is
filled with laughter and personality.... read more


Northumberland County wishes to express our congratulations and thanks for your ongoing, and award winning, dedication to raising awareness about the importance of local heritage and preservation efforts. 



15th yr award



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hairline wide 865x8CONTRIBUTORS
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lizanne donnelly

lizanne donnelly 74pxLIZANNE DONNELLY is the newest member of the Watershed team...

lorne aronson

lorne aronson 74px

LORNE ARONSON grew up and married in Montreal and worked as an equities trader for 10 years...

mihal zada

mihal zada 74pxMIHAL ZADA is a reporter living in Wellington, Prince Edward County.