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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial takes readers to the heart of our community with insightful stories and articles.


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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 design | Watershed’s classic design appeals to both readers and advertisers who are drawn to its artfully designed pages.

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circulation | With a regional circulation of 25,000 magazines per issue, Watershed is the largest publication in the region.

A Foreign Affair

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MIGRANT FARM WORKERS are the invisible threads in our community fabric. Without them to prune, weed, spray and harvest, our apples, grapes and garden produce...

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Denny Manchee

Show us the Money

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A NOTORIOUS BANK heist in 1961 has many locals wondering what happened to the loot. 4th Line Theatre picks up the thread of the mystery that won't go away.

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Tom Cruickshank


Shooting Stars

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FROM HIS BACKYARD shed near Grafton, astrophotographer Lynn Hilborn takes sublime images of the night sky that are published all over the world.

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Denny Manchee

Making of the Baxter Arts Centre

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THE BAXTER ARTS Centre, formerly a dilapidated cafeteria on the main street in the village of Bloomfield, serves up community arts programs with side order of determination and volunteerism.

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 Janet Davies



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fence post 150pxFENCE POSTS: True Confessions from the Ninth Concession

author: Dan Needles

I HAVE LEARNED the hard way that writing about a favourite animal can be dangerous, even fatal.
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MUST, MUST, MUST: What's New And What's To Do

author: Watershed Magazine

OUR MUST, MUST, MUST column highlights a broad range of unique events, causes and activities that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed Region.


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garden gate 150pxBEYOND THE GARDEN GATE:  Summer Gardening Tips

author: Pearl O. Wisdom 

THE TIPS I'M about to share are based on the knowledge that you are worn out after spring digging, raking, transplanting and pruning.

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cultural currents 150pxCULTURAL CURRENTS:  Robert Tokley

author: Watershed Magazine 

WHEN ROBERT TOKLEY WAS AT HIS LOWEST EBB, he was struggling with substance abuse and living on the streets...

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watershed presents name droppingWATERSHED PRESENTS: Name Dropping
author: Tom Cruickshank

Test Your Name and Place Knowledge with our What's in a Name Quiz

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2014.3 george thumb 73x74GEORGE'S POND:  A Medal for Mettle

author: George Smith

IT WON'T HAVE quite the cachet of the Order of Canada, the Presidential Medal of Freedom or the George Cross. Those are all laurels reserved for a select few whose...

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pam point 150pxPAM'S POINT:  Carefree Summers

author: Pam Patchet 

I WAS BORN in the fifties. Helicopter parents were non-existent. Most of our parents were barely out of their teens themselves, so benign neglect skirting the cliff edge of negligence was par for the course...

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watershed presents concerts 150pxWATERSHED PRESENTS: Free Concerts In The Park
author: Watershed Magazine

CLOSE YOUR EYES and imagine a soft sultry summer evening, a refreshing rinse of music washing away the heat and concerns of the day.

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habitat 150pxHABITAT:  Lake of Burning Plains
author: Tom Cruickshank

THE STORY OF the Rice Lake Plains and how this little known and much misunderstood eco system has found new champions at the Alderville First Nation.

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from the cask 150pxFROM THE CASK:  TerraCello Winery
author: Walter Luedtke

ONE COULD SAY THAT IT ALL STARTED IN ANZANO DI PUGLIA, a town at the intersection of two ancient Roman roads in the southernmost part of Italy's boot.

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food & wine 150px

author: Watershed Magazine

WELCOME TO THE food and wine scene, where Watershed shares its secrets and discoveries.

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in the hood 150pxIN THE 'HOOD:  Justin Williams
author: Tom Cruickshank

AT THIS TIME last year, Justin Williams was basking in Stanley Cup glory. As a forward for the LA Kings, he was instrumental in taking his team to the top...

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meanderings 150pxMEANDERINGS: Colborne Circa 1910
author: Watershed Magazine

THE 'AGE OF ELECTRIFICATION' REVOLUTIONIZED LIFE IN ONTARIO. In 1903, the provincial government of the day set up a commission that, three years later, not only made the case...



Summer 2015

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First Words

Jane 74px

In this issue, Pam Patchet's memories of her childhood reminded me that our summers are a series of stories threaded together by laughter... read more


Thank you for the prescription to Watershed magazine. It is not a subscription but a necessary prescription because it provides such an enjoyable evening of reading every article and just as importantly, reviewing all the wonderfully presented advertisements.


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graham davies

Watershed Magazine graham davies thumb1 74x74GRAHAM DAVIES HAS been a professional photographer for 50 years. He continues to create his acclaimed...

denny manchee

denny manchee 74px

A WRITER, EDITOR, gardener and painter, Denny brings more than 30 years of publishing experience...

mary-jane tonello

mary jane tonello 74pxMARY-JANE LEFT the 'shed in body in 2011 but not in mind or spirit! Since moving back to her roots in the...