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Features Fall 2012 


Darlington Nuclear: A Layman's Primer

author: Gary May

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Darlington Nuclear: A layman’s primer

Plans are underway to refurbish and expand the giant nuclear power plant on the shores of Lake Ontario. Just what’s in the works?


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To Text is Simple, To Tell is Divine

author: Denny Manchee / illustrator: Heather Cooper

Main Feature FEAT 2 story tellingFinding the grace and place of oral storytelling in a smart-device world.


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The Hilton Lake Breakaway

author: Dale Carter

Main Feature FEAT 3 breakawayOn an ill-fated spring night in 1852, a peaceful lake in Brighton Township dealt a cruel hand of death and devastation to the unsuspecting farming community.


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The Gunshot Treaty

author: Peter Lockyer

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It would be easy to pass by the stone cairn at the stoplights in the village of Carrying Place, Prince Edward County. but for those interested in peeling back layers upon layers of Canadian history, this site has stories to tell.


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Eurithe Purdy

author: Conrad Beaubien / photos & illustration: Conrad Beaubien

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Sweeping the leaves off a roof at this time of year isn’t a regular thing for me. From up here I can almost touch the ‘honkers’ that skim the cedars and willows, landing with ease onto the polish of nearby Roblin Lake. The reflection on the water of the church steeple in Ameliasburgh takes on a ‘house of mirrors’ image in the wake of a noisy geese arrival.






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A FEW WEEKS AGO, I SPENT A RAINY SUNDAY AFTERNOON watching a movie with my five-year-old grandson. It was an interpretation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax: the triumph of a good guy over a bad guy..…... read more


I always enjoy Watershed, but the Spring issue was particularly interesting, especially Paul Dalby’s spot-on “When the Well Runs Dry”...



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david newland

contributor 1Writer, performer and speaker, David was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian…

eileen argyris

contributor 2

Eileen has lived in Northumberland County since 1971, and spent most of her journalism....

jeff bray

contributor 3Jeff has been in and around the food world for over 18 years He’s passionate about food – where it comes from and who makes it....