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Features Fall 2013 


Truth and No Consequence

author: Paul Dalby

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BACK IN THE SEVENTIES, THE STRUGGLE FOR BIKER SUPREMACY was distinguished by extreme violence. Beatings were part of doing business, murder sometimes a necessity to close the deal. Through it all, the bikers cultivated an image of brooding menace.


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The Comeback Kid

author: Paul Dalby

FEAT 2 C difficle 185pxAt 75, CYNTHIA MORGAN-ROBINSON HAS A TWINKLE in her eye and a quick wit that belies her Welsh upbringing. But at this time last year, the Port Hope woman was a very different person – often incoherent, almost a ‘prisoner’ of isolation wards in one hospital or nursing home after another, and on the brink of death.


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The Economic Road Ahead

author: David Hughes

FEAT 3 economy 185pxACROSS AN ASSET-RICH REGION OF PLENTY, there is plenty of building, partnering and collaboration, as we work at strengthening the economic foundation of our future...


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Horse Tales

author: Tom Cruickshank

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A LAMENT FOR THE FORGOTTEN DRAFT HORSE…and a toast to the few who remember them. To appreciate the sheer muscle and strength of a draft horse, all you have to do is stand beside one...





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A FEW WEEKS AGO, I SPENT A RAINY SUNDAY AFTERNOON watching a movie with my five-year-old grandson. It was an interpretation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax: the triumph of a good guy over a bad guy..…... read more


I always enjoy Watershed, but the Spring issue was particularly interesting, especially Paul Dalby’s spot-on “When the Well Runs Dry”...



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david newland

contributor 1Writer, performer and speaker, David was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian…

eileen argyris

contributor 2

Eileen has lived in Northumberland County since 1971, and spent most of her journalism....

jeff bray

contributor 3Jeff has been in and around the food world for over 18 years He’s passionate about food – where it comes from and who makes it....