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Features Summer 2014 


Digging Up Deadly Secrets

author: Paul Dalby

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They called it the "Corridor of War" - a deceptively bucolic swath of farmland and villages hugging the north shore of lake Ontario from Whitby all the way to Picton


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author: Conrad Beaubien

hat trick 185pxI’m a fan of hats, so when I was in the TSC a.k.a. Tractor Supply Company store in Belleville recently and spotted a display of felt fedora hats, I was caught. I checked it out in the mirror, and said to myself: mmm…seems to work…nice headband…and look: a Made in Canada label.


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My Mother's Secrets

author: Denny Manchee 

mothers secret 185pxThe beauty and a brilliant minds behind Canada’s Man Called Intrepid, William Stephenson.


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Whatever Happened to the Rice in Rice Lake?

author: Tom Cruickshank

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A tribute to the once plentiful wild rice that used to grow as thick as a carpet on the largest lake in the Kawarthas…and to the valiant effort to restore it.





Current Issue - Spring 2017

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First Words

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BY THE TIME THIS MAGAZINE REACHES YOUR HANDS, I’LL BE IN FRANCE, standing with thousands of others who are paying their respect to the Canadian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.…... read more


In the fall of 2015, we reported on the opening of the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre in Colborne. Business is booming...



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trish york

contributors trish yorkTrish York has thoroughly enjoyed illustrating for Watershed for the past 12 years…

tom cruickshank

contributors tom cruickshank

In “Songbirds in a Nosedive,” Tom recounts the plight of some of our favourite backyard...

janet davies

Janet DaviesFreelance writer and occasional poet Jan Davies has been writing about the people...