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Mailbag - Summer 2017



I always enjoy Watershed, but the Spring issue was particularly interesting, especially Paul Dalby’s spot-on “When the Well Runs Dry”. Last summer’s drought was a turning point for many of us to get actively involved, not only in remediation efforts, as we must, but proactive efforts to protect our water, air and land. The Northumberland Chapter of the Council of Canadians has commenced the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot campaign in Northumberland County (bluedot.ca). We ask all levels of government to declare we have a right to a healthy environment. To date, 149 municipalities in Canada have made this declaration. We hope to read about our local Blue Dot initiative in Watershed in the months ahead.
Faye McFarlane, Port Hope


While it’s important to acknowledge those who fought at Vimy Ridge and elsewhere, whenever I read about the horrors of the Great War, I am reminded of the comment by the English writer, playwright and broadcaster J.B. Priestley: “If, in July 1914, everybody had been smitten with an intense desire to do nothing, just to hang about in the sunshine and consume tobacco, then we all should have been much better off than we are now.”
Richard Holland, Grafton


Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the spring edition of Watershed and in particular the insert on Vimy Ridge. It is a very readable account of the battle and the involvement of local people. Congratulations to you and your team for, in this manner, fostering the need of all Canadians to remember our history and an event of such importance. Lest we forget.
Vince Kelly, Grafton


Congratulations on the excellent story called “Water Rescue” by Norm Wagenaar.

It was meant, I am sure, to be a good-news story, but events during the past week [March 29] in the County have proved otherwise. You have probably been hearing about the spill in Picton Bay, which made it to the national news. It is just one of the poor water quality stories which have emerged recently. Your story ended with a quote by Scott Millard of Quinte Conservation “you can never let your guard down”. How prescient! I have been with Save Picton Bay for the past two years. I think it is a big story that continues to unravel like layers of an onion.
Betsy MacKinnon, Picton

I am continually impressed with the quality of Watershed magazine! Season after season, I marvel at the beautiful ads, photos, illustrations and the captivating articles and stories.

Previously, I subscribed as a gift for my parents who lived in Quinte West. I looked forward to perusing the magazine when I was visiting them. Now, with the natural progression of life, I am receiving the subscription at my home.

I am always keen to discover how entrepreneurs, farmers and professionals are transforming the atmosphere of communities in Northumberland, Prince Edward and Quinte to meet the needs and desires of this changing society, while finding their own fulfillment along the way. Watershed is a source of inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Kathrine Moran, Toronto

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I always enjoy Watershed, but the Spring issue was particularly interesting, especially Paul Dalby’s spot-on “When the Well Runs Dry”...



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