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Features Winter 2013 


Hometown Heroes

author: Paul Dalby, Denny Manchee & Jane Kelly

FEAT 1 home town heroes

OUR HOMETOWN HEROES come from all different walks of life. There are philanthropists, caregivers, role models and visionaries. But they all have one common characteristic: the willingness to work for the common good within our communities. Each of their contributions trickle down the hills and streams and into the valleys of our landscape, forming a watershed of care and service that feeds the hearts and souls of the people whom they touch..


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Granny Flat

author:  John Denison / illustrator:  Bill Slavin

FEAT 2 fictionTWO ADVENTURESOME GRANNIES take a ride on the wild side while young Ethan learns a lesson on independence and interdependance.


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The County Atlas Revisited

author: Tom Cruickshank 

FEAT 3 county atlasTHEY ARE NOW PAST their 135th birthdays, but county atlases aren’t exactly out of date. These big books with the detailed maps and fanciful illustrations still have a lot to say about life in the country in our neck of the woods.


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Current Issue - Summer 2017

Watershed Magazine Summer 2017

First Words

Jane Kelly Summer 2017 home

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I SPENT A RAINY SUNDAY AFTERNOON watching a movie with my five-year-old grandson. It was an interpretation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax: the triumph of a good guy over a bad guy..…... read more


I always enjoy Watershed, but the Spring issue was particularly interesting, especially Paul Dalby’s spot-on “When the Well Runs Dry”...



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david newland

contributor 1Writer, performer and speaker, David was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian…

eileen argyris

contributor 2

Eileen has lived in Northumberland County since 1971, and spent most of her journalism....

jeff bray

contributor 3Jeff has been in and around the food world for over 18 years He’s passionate about food – where it comes from and who makes it....