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Caitlin O’Reilly

AFTER LEAVING A BUSTLING LIFE IN TORONTO, CAITLIN O’Reilly has found a home for Cylinder Studio in Picton. Since the move, she not only senses a gentle peace in her life, she also feels her work returning to the elemental form it took when she started as a ceramic artist.

Caitlin O’Reilly’s art embodies the simple, wholehearted and connected life that she has come to love in Prince Edward County. “The core of what I’m making is earth, combined with water and fired in a kiln until it becomes stone. It doesn’t get closer to the source than that,” says Caitlin.

The sublime connection between the artist’s hands and her clay comes to life in Caitlin’s unique tableware, jewelry and wall hangings that are showcased at Cylinder Studio. While her art is functional, each piece accentuates its raw form and has its own aesthetic. She is inspired by the knowledge that when a piece leaves her hands, it goes on to a new life of its own. cylinderceramics.com

Story by:
Shelby Lisk

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