[Cultural Currents]

Loretta Kaltenhauser

Using a bold mix of styles, Loretta Kaltenhauser manipulates and moves colour, creating texture and depth with her brushes and palette knives to build layer upon layer of expression. Each layer reflects a deeper emotional connection with her canvas and ultimately a deeper personal connection with her viewer.

As an artist, Kaltenhauser is fearless and approaches her work with respect but without ceremony. Her vision seems unclouded, uncluttered. Perhaps it’s her open attitude that allows her a certain freedom. She smiles and notes, “…by not knowing the rules, I am breaking them all the time.”

Kaltenhauser draws energy from the peace, warmth and comfort she finds in day-to-day life and attributes her inspiration to the ideas that emerge from her canvases as images and details present themselves.

Over time, but within her own timelines, Loretta Kaltenhauser has embraced her abstract style – a style that exudes life and shimmers with colour from the weathered and organic to the sleek and contemporary, and a style that reflects that of an artist who loves her craft.

Story by:
Cecilia Nasmith

[Spring 2020 departments]