[A Curated Collection]

Michael Glover

A DERELICT TRUCK IN A FIELD, large skies at the edge of day, or billowing clouds over prairies, mountains and lakes. Through his graphic, colourful, large scale oil paintings of the landscape, Michael Glover hopes to share his feelings about Canada and how his travels have affected him.

“Sometimes it’s just the recognition of a place or an object that I begin to think of as an old friend waiting for me. Sometimes it’s just the inspiration I get from looking at a wild sunset in Saskatchewan or B.C. I find it a very emotional experience to involve myself in the landscape,” he says.

Michael traverses Canada, sometimes with his family in tow or solo on his motorcycle, getting up close to the Canadian landscape that his paintings portray. His cross-Canada series, Big Lonely and Beyond, is a project that spans 20 years, during which he produced a monumental 170 paintings.

Michael’s paintings place the viewer directly into the vastness of our country from coast to coast to coast. Echoing the legacy of artists like A.Y. Jackson, Tom Thompson and his own father, Michael lifts his brush with the intention to create work in the tradition of realism with a touch of abstraction. He shows us our cherished landscape somewhere between reality and emotion.

Story by:
Shelby Lisk

Photography by:
Al Baggs

[Fall 2019 departments]