Christmas Fiction - Snow Angel by Chris Cameron

Christmas Fiction – Snow Angel

An unexpected interruption in travel plans calls for last minute improvisation as a father and daughter struggle to get themselves to the church in time for the annual Christmas pageant. The result is an experience that draws the two of them closer in ways that neither had expected.…

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Cameco technician Brenda Sinclair assembles a cobalt adjuster set,

Rays of Hope

The manufacturing facilities of Cameco Inc. in Port Hope and Cobourg are so much more than the faceless appearance of their outer walls. For one thing, the products they make contribute to the isotopes that are used in a wide range of medical applications from equipment sterilization to cancer treatment, and even to COVID-19.…

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Winter Reads - Winter 2021 - Shani Mootoo

Winter Reads

Cold outside, warm inside. Fireside and lamplight. Is there a better excuse to read a book than wintertime? Six prominent, local authors share their favourite winter memories and introduce their own books to help make hibernation a treat.…

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