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meg botha

Meg Botha

Meg Botha is Watershed’s Art Director and Curator of Lovely.

Nearly two decades ago, Meg and her husband Albert decided to leave big city life for a quieter homestead in Grafton. They soon welcomed twins Matthew and Megan to their rural journey.

Country life agreed with Meg who added various dogs, horses, sheep and even two calves, one named Stanley and one named Frank to their growing farm. It’s not unusual to see Meg welcoming the day with a hay bale in one hand and a coffee in the other before a day of design and inspiration.

First Words

first words

John De La Cour was on the masthead of the first issue of Watershed but we were friends long before I started publishing the magazine. In the early ’90s, John acted as my campaign manager when I ran for council... read more


I read with great interest the article in a recent issue of Watershed that told the story of the Black Fly, an innovative and exciting electric airplane that was developed in Northumberland County…



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Watershed is compiling a list of
Summer Camps to occupy your art-obsessed,
STEM-enthusiast, burgeoning thespian or
jack-or-jill-of-all-trades this summer.



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shelby lisk

shelby liskA freelance photographer, videographer and writer from Kenhté: ke…

sasha sefter

sasha sefter

An award-winning photographer based in Southern Ontario, Sasha is a recent graduate of the photojournalism…

christopher cameron

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