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Alex Fida: Grand Plans for a Place He Calls Home

author: Janet Davies   photography: Johnny C.Y. Lam

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Alexandre Fida is a bit of a celebrity in Prince Edward County. His name comes up often in conversations about restoring heritage buildings – from facelifts to full-on rescues and resuscitations. He can haul a historic house back from the very brink.


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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

author: Tom Cruickshank  photography: Matthew Botha

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If your party years began before 1980, you are no doubt familiar with the now-archaic term, Ladies & Escorts, as it related to Ontario’s notorious liquor laws. And likewise, when you look back on your misspent youth, you probably have memories of time well-wasted at the local beer parlour, one with a Ladies & Escorts room.


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A Day in the Life of a Cobourg Coast Guard Captain

author: Patricia Beeson  photography: Matthew Botha

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Nasty weather or an unexpected emergency can turn a pleasant day boating on Lake Ontario into a frightening ordeal. That’s when the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue unit comes into play. They know the lake and its volatility; they understand urgency and they are well-trained.


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Wellington Water Week

author: Micol Marotti  photography: Tim Zeltner

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Wellington Water Week conjures up images of kids building sandcastles on the beach and sailboat races on the horizon. But what if the turquoise water was contaminated with toxic blue-green algae blooms and its sandy shoreline was closed to the public because of high levels of industrial contaminants?


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First Words


When I visited my mom in her nursing home, one of our favourite pastimes was holding hands in the warmth of the summer sun and singing familiar songs. We sang old marching tunes she’d learned from her dad, who fought in the First World War… read more


This morning I had a phone call from my 87-year-old mom. The only purpose for her call was to tell me how gorgeous the cover of your Spring issue was. She was having a coffee and she wanted to tell me that…



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