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John De La Cour was on the masthead of the first issue of Watershed but we were friends long before I started publishing the magazine. In the early ’90s, John acted as my campaign manager when I ran for council, and again, when I ran for reeve of the township, which meant he helped put up lawn signs and went from house to house with me, looking for votes. He would always be first out of the car so that he could greet the dogs before they got to me.

John’s ideas helped form the nucleus of what was to become Watershed magazine. He held the title of circulation manager but he was more than that – he was an ambassador. Whatever the weather, John would load the truck with as many magazines as it would hold, then head out with a pack of smokes, a thermos of coffee, a map and detailed delivery list. At the end of the day, he rolled back into my driveway, tired and ready for a beer and a chance to tell me who he’d met and what he’d heard in his travels. Over a ten year period, John delivered a million copies of Watershed throughout Northumberland, Quinte and Prince Edward County.

John’s dedication to Watershed was much like his commitment to his community. He was the consummate volunteer, working tirelessly for the common good. On one hand, he could be as grumpy as all get out, but on the other hand, he had a heart of gold. And he was generous to a fault.

John passed away before Christmas. He is sorely missed, not just by his community, but also by all the folks at Watershed.


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First Words


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sheilagh armstrongA graduate of the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art and Design…

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david newland

A writer, speaker, and musician based in Cobourg, David travels widely…

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janet daviesAfter a move from England to Toronto in 1993, Jan stayed there only until she discovered…