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This morning I had a phone call from my 87-yearold mom. The only purpose for her call was to tell me how gorgeous the cover of your Spring issue was. She was having a coffee and she wanted to tell me that “looking at the cover made it feel like spring”. Mission accomplished!

Kelly Dirken, Renaissance Printing Inc., via email


We were at our cottage on Rice Lake this weekend and I got to spend some time enjoying the latest Watershed Magazine. I just wanted to share with you how refreshing it was to see a magazine that was so clean, simple and tasteful in its design and presentation. More is not always necessarily better.

I very much appreciated the selection of Peony by Susan Nally for the cover. Strong brushwork, beautiful colouring and she captured the essence of the subject with no extraneous influence, just like your design for the interior of the magazine. My wife, Anita and I were in the advertising business when Deborah Samuels was practicing her craft. It is great to see her work. Still creative, passionate and inspirational! Congratulations.

Roger Hill, via email


Just started reading the spring issue today and wanted you to know that I teared up when I read about John DeLaCour in First Words. Old Johnny D. could be grumpy but he did have a heart of gold. Your words brought back some funny memories – mapping out the circulation routes in the truck with the dog, beers and smokes with the delivery guys and lists, lists and more lists! Thanks for those memories. I’m going to the Legion today and will raise a glass to Johnny D.

Mary-Jane Tonello, Former Editor, Watershed Magazine, via email


I just wanted to thank you for the feature on Westben in Watershed. You have such a beautiful magazine! The story is well written, and the layout is beautiful. We really like the way you printed “Centre for Connection & Creativity Through Music” with Music being the largest type. We are very honoured that you have included us, so thank you most sincerely. All the best.

Donna Bennett, Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity, via email


I want to congratulate David Newland and Johnny Lam for their story on the Dewey family's encouragement and support, as they help Slieman Al Jasem get established in the County fishing business.

This is a story of stubborn persistence against the odds; it is a story of hope, and it is also a story of generous friendship. Prince Edward County has sponsored 34 former Syrian refugees so far, with more families expected to arrive this year and next.

Over 150 volunteers and donors have offered support and encouragement, but the whole community is benefiting from the availability of not just fresh fish from the County Catch, but also foods prepared and sold by Papa Ganoush and Momma Hummus, Nabiha's Travelling Kitchen and the Shway Shway Café – all businesses started by the Al Jasems and the Moustafa families. This really has been a community effort, and we appreciate the space Watershed devoted to telling the story. Interested readers who want to keep up with new developments can follow PECSyria on our facebook page.

Carlyn Moulton, Founder, PECSYRIA


With regards to Tom Cruickshank’s article, it is my opinion that FSD Pharma has had, and will continue to have, a positive impact on Cobourg.

FSD has consistently advised the town of their plans to expand the facility in phases, hiring upwards of 1,200 people and let’s not forget this company is also on the cutting edge of advancements affecting the pharmaceutical industry. Should their plans come to fruition, the result will be an economic spin-off in the millions of dollars for our area. We have already seen contractors and local residents hired, employees buying homes and visitors to the plant spending money here. FSD has received hundreds of résumés from Cobourg and beyond, however one challenge is our lack of affordable housing for out-of-towners seeking accommodation. That said, the opportunities far outweigh the challenges and I look forward to seeing what could have been a derelict empty factory continue to grow as an economic driver for our town.

Wendy Gibson, Retired Town of Cobourg, E.D.O.

Watershed looks forward to reading all your letters! Please forward your letters to Watershed Magazine, 160 Joice Road, Grafton, ON K0K 2G0 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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When I visited my mom in her nursing home, one of our favourite pastimes was holding hands in the warmth of the summer sun and singing familiar songs. We sang old marching tunes she’d learned from her dad, who fought in the First World War… read more


This morning I had a phone call from my 87-year-old mom. The only purpose for her call was to tell me how gorgeous the cover of your Spring issue was. She was having a coffee and she wanted to tell me that…



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