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Features Spring 2013 


No Voice No Choice

author: Denny Manchee / photographer: Tom Groot

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SECRET DEALS, ACCELERATED TIMELINES and lack of public process pit neighbour against neighbour over industrial wind turbines. A few see these machines as income, while many more see them as a blight on the landscape.


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Brighton's Indomitable Miss Dollimore

author: Dale Carter

FEAT 2 dollimore 184pxHISTORY HAS LABELLED THE EVENT istory has labelled the event The Canadian Caper and many believe it was Canada’s finest hour of diplomatic cooperation with the United States. Through the lens of filmmaker and actor Ben Affleck, it was a story worthy of the silver screen, complete with a daring rogue CIA agent and American intrigue.


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It's David vs. Goliath

author: Paul Dalby

FEAT 3 Frank Meyers 184pxTHE LETTER ARRIVED IN THE MAILBOX at the end of Frank Meyers’ driveway, tucked in with a few bills and a supermarket flyer. It landed like a ticking time bomb. Inside a brown manila envelope, the letter from the federal Department of Justice informed the 84-year-old farmer that the land he and his ancestors had worked continuously for more than two centuries was no longer his.


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Campbellford's Ca[tain Daredevil

author: Paul Dalby

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NOW A LOST LEGEND, Lou Marsh was once the all-action champion of Canada’s sports world.e man in Peterborough makes parasport dreams come true – in Canada and around the world.





First Words

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There’s a moment over the holidays when the world stands still and the magic dust of the season descends on our old farmhouse. It’s on Christmas Eve when the boys – and I use the term loosely because... read more


On behalf of Ed’s House, Northumberland Hospice Care Centre thank you for the wonderful article written by Cecilia Nasmith highlighting both Ed’s House, and the Bridge Hospice. The article raised awareness of local...…



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marianne ackerman

marianne ackermanMarianne grew up in Prince Edward County. She began her writing career as the Picton correspondent for the…

conrad beaubien

conrad beaubien

Conrad’s love of storytelling has engaged him in a life of the arts. A creator, writer and director of films…

bill slavin

bill slavinBill Slavin has illustrated over one hundred children’s books, fiction and nonfiction. Titles include Stanley’s Party