Wellington Water Week

A chorus of community spirit comes together to explore our connection to water and music in a festival format…

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A day in the Life of the Cobourg Coast Guard Captain

Nasty weather or an unexpected emergency can turn a pleasant day boating on Lake Ontario into a frightening ordeal. That’s when the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue unit comes into play. They know the lake and its volatility; they understand urgency and they are well-trained.…

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Alex Fida at home in his living room

Alex Fida Grand Plans for a Place he Calls Home

Inspired by the history and the landscape that shaped his childhood, Alex Fida is fuelling a new generation of creativity and entrepreneurship in Prince Edward County.…

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[Fence Posts]

Retirement Advice for the Self-employed Landowner

As a country person ages, there is a temptation to imagine the approach of a quiet and graceful retirement – long, dreamy summer afternoons napping on the porch swing while grandchildren romp in the yard. That might be a happy possibility for the hedge fund manager in a condo beside the golf course on the edge of town, but not here……

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[A Curated Collection]

Aileen Amy Cherry 1895 – 1958

The Art Gallery Of Northumberland Presents: Aileen Amy Cherry…

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[Geroge's Pond]

Musical Tunnel Vision

They say it’s musical tunnel vision. Fine. I plead guilty. Jazz? I don’t get it. I’ve tried – especially since one lad is all about Miles Davis, John Coltrane, WyntonMarsalis et al. Sorry. Still don’t get it. And Sarah Brightman is about as operatic as I can handle. That’s sure to get a snicker from the Le Nozze di Figaro crowd.…

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[Cultural Currents]

Caitlin O’Reilly

After leaving a bustling life in Toronto, Caitlin O’Reilly has found a home for Cylinder Studio in Picton. Since the move, she not only senses a gentle peace in her life, she also feels her work returning to the elemental form it took when she started as a ceramic artist.…

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[Field Notes]

Incredible Journeys

Every year, shorebirds undertake remarkable migrations that take them from the sub-Arctic tundra where many of them nest, to as far south as Argentina and back again. Because of the variety of wintering grounds and nesting sites, spring and fall shorebird migration is almost a continuous event in Ontario.…

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Turtle Talk

Turtles deserve our attention, and never more so than at this time of year – late May through July – when they’re actively crossing roads between their wetland habitat and their nests in sandy and gravelled sites. It’s one more good reason to drive a little slower on the byways.…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country

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The Rice Lake Canoe Company, Circa 1910

On page six of the Rice Lake Canoe company’s catalogue, there is A description of Herald’s Patent Canoe – the pride and joy of the company. The cedar canoe’s unique construction garnered international attention at two World Exhibitions and was considered to be the best canoe in its day.…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Lambing on Waupoos Island

Two young farmers pit themselves against the elements in a bid to run a successful sheep farm on an island in Lake Ontario.…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

Dinner En Plein Air

A simple, elegant outdoor dining experience that showcases the best of our local producers.…

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Tea Time Any Time

Quinte’s Number E Tea brings modern flair to an old tradition…

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