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Alex Fida at home in his living room

Alex Fida Grand Plans for a Place he Calls Home

Inspired by the history and the landscape that shaped his childhood, Alex Fida is fuelling a new generation of creativity and entrepreneurship in Prince Edward County.…

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A day in the Life of the Cobourg Coast Guard Captain

Nasty weather or an unexpected emergency can turn a pleasant day boating on Lake Ontario into a frightening ordeal. That’s when the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue unit comes into play. They know the lake and its volatility; they understand urgency and they are well-trained.…

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Wellington Water Week

A chorus of community spirit comes together to explore our connection to water and music in a festival format…

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Tea Time Any Time

Quinte’s Number E Tea brings modern flair to an old tradition…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

Dinner En Plein Air

A simple, elegant outdoor dining experience that showcases the best of our local producers.…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Lambing on Waupoos Island

Two young farmers pit themselves against the elements in a bid to run a successful sheep farm on an island in Lake Ontario.…

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