Christmas Fiction - Tree of Life

Tree of Light

The November wind picks up strength and sways the old pine tree back and forth. A solo figure…

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Peter Sporring

The art of Peter Sporring spans a creative range from whimsical works of art to objects with a practical purpose…

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Small Town Press

An upswing of small press publishing is promoting and preserving a diverse range of Canadian voices…

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[Fence Posts]

A One-Horse Open Sleigh

My great-uncle Bob was the first member of our family to leave the rat race and seek the simple life on a …

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[Must, Must, Must]

What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region

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[Food & Drink Scene]

Watershed Presents

A collection of products drawn from the fields and fencerows that reflect the local landscape and our unique history…

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[George's Pond]

A Thousand Words

Subscribing to the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, when Joy and I tied the knot in 1968…

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Building an Outdoor Skating Rink

A step-by-step guide for building and maintaining an outdoor rink for endless, old-fashioned Canadian backyard fun…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country

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Nectar Technologies

Honeybees have a new champion in the form of a small sensor designed to monitor the health of their hives …

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Gifts With a Conservation Legacy

Land trusts not only provide a means for landowners to ensure their properties are protected for future …

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[Field Notes]

Feeders are Ready, But Who Will we See?

With winter at the doorstep, birders are awaiting the arrival of cheery cold-season visitors to their feeders…

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[Cultural Currents]

emebet belete

“Moving Forward” is the aptly named, current series of acrylic paintings by Emebet Belete…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Friendship on a Frozen Lake

What does it take to persuade a group of men to spend a freezing afternoon on a windswept lake staring down …

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[A Curated Collection]

Bedros Aslanian

The Art Gallery Of Northumberland Presents: Bedros Aslanian…

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J. David Ford Circa 1935

For decades, J. David Ford’s pencil-written notes lay long forgotten and covered in dust…

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[first words]

Jane Kelly in winter

Every good storyteller recognizes the need to build up a little tension, to give a hint of things to come. I follow that principle at Christmas. Ramping up the anticipation before Christmas morning is all part of an unfolding story.…

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As an independent female publisher, I thought you would be interested to know that Jean Morrison, a stalwart champion of a free and independent press, passed away recently.…

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sheila trenholm

Over the years, Sheila has played many roles at Watershed. She has written stories, edited articles and most recently, has blended her love of the outdoors with her love of good food to help create the Watershed Presents line.…

alana lee

A portrait and commercial photographer in Northumberland County, Alana has a passion for telling stories through her imagery. Initially trained in zoology and working a career in genetics…

elizabeth palermo

A Ryerson University graduate, Elizabeth has covered news and the arts at CHUM Television for 10 years, while writing about Toronto’s underground music scene for Eye Weekly and Remix magazines.…

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