Mailbag – Fall 2020


We are so fortunate to have a publication like Watershed in this ever-growing area that matches the standards of world class quarterlies. Your advertisers, with their respected reputations and their beautifully designed ads complement each issue. Congratulations and keep growing your distribution as you maintain excellence. I believe your audience is larger than you realize.
Ron Waddling, via email


Prior to COVID-19, I would get up early and straight away start on some artwork, photography, or a cookery project that would keep me involved until hunger intervened. Life has changed in many ways.

During these pandemic times, mornings feel soothing to me when I take a leisurely breakfast outside on my deck surrounded by flowers and greenery, with a good read and this morning my read was Watershed!

Over the years, Watershed has always been a favourite read, filled with interesting stuff – fascinating topics, cheery short stories, up-to-date info, pretty sketches, and beautiful photography!

This issue I found all this, and more; this time I loved the section, Watershed Reads! The format was inspired. The little gems about books (rather interesting choices) and the charming narratives by the contributors are absolutely delightful. Hope to see more of these in upcoming issues.

I was also enthralled by the story about Canada’s Pioneer Botanist, Catharine Parr Traill. It was particularly interesting because this season I have begun to appreciate the many varieties of wildflowers around the County.

Thanks to Terry Sprague, I’m getting to know a bit more about bird life. In fact, anything about the natural world is always fascinating.

So thanks again for bringing us such a good read!
Hedy Campbell, via email


Several months ago (and I can’t believe I am writing those words) my partner, intent on helping me through the great pandemic partition, sent me a COVID Care Kit, packing select treats and libations to raise my morale. Being a fine Canadian woman, and proponent of the Ontario Lifestyle, she tucked a copy of Watershed next to the Maynard’s Wine Gums, like an over-sized seed packet full of potential.

For an international couple, given to roaming the greater Lake Ontario area while making the most of our limited time together, Watershed is an inspiration and planning guide for both day trips and long weekends spent in Northumberland, Quinte and Prince Edward County. Having once edited a regional lifestyle magazine, I have to admire your quality, substance and style. At a time when so many would have us believe that quality print magazines are a thing of the past, Watershed proves otherwise.

As an erstwhile screenwriter currently earning his daily bread in the American telecom industry, the copy I received couldn’t have been better. From Chris Cameron’s piece on rural internet and Janet Davies’ story on Fifth Town Films, to the profile of Linda Schuyler, it was perfect. Add morel mushrooms, pileated woodpeckers and a pink motel and there you have it, the ideal diversion for these trying times.

Someday soon, my partner and I will be reunited and strolling the dunes at Sandbanks after visiting a winery (or two) or searching down some of the locally curated products first found in the pages of Watershed. Until then, we will be reading something from your summer reading list together, but apart.

Thank you for a job well done and the reminder that better days will soon be here, with the best of them to be found in Northumberland, Quinte and Prince Edward County.

Lloyd S. Wagner, Kingston, PA


I was delighted to find Watershed at Family News Stand in Kingston. The summer reading article has provided a few new avenues to explore and I am looking forward to the journey. Thank you for this timely and thoughtful local treasure.

Patricia Murray, via email


On page 25 of the Summer edition, you identify Lyle Vanclief (Willowlee Sod Farms) in the photo on the opposite page (24). Actually, it’s Lyle’s son Kurt Vanclief. He was first elected to the House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings in 1988 and served as Minister of Agriculture from 1997-2003. He retired from politics in 2004. Lyle and his wife Sharon live in Prince Edward County.

Gerry Fraiberg, Belleville