Mailbag – Fall 2021


Your magazine is outstanding, from your covers to the informative articles, and of course regular contributors. It is like a gift given four times a year. The article, “In Praise of Springs” was both interesting and informative. Yet the fact that wind turbines were built on the moraine despite strenuous objections from people in the area was not mentioned. Perhaps it was felt that it did not have a direct impact on the intent of the article or that it would not be politically correct.

Linda S. Quibell, via email


David, I had another woman tell me yesterday how wonderful your article, “Five Hundred Feet from the Road,” was and how well written. And that reminded me that I had not told you about the other people who have met me at the market and out of the blue declared the Watershed article to be an amazing piece. Although people are not terribly specific about what they liked about it, the style and calibre of the writing was one thing that was mentioned repeatedly. Also, the article seemed to make people feel something – feel good somehow – they were smiling and uplifted as they spoke to me.

I used to do speeches now and then and I never considered the compliments right after to be very real. When they are face-to-face with you, they have to say something right? But these compliments for your article were the opposite – spontaneously erupting from the readers behind your back so to speak, days and days after they had read the piece. I hope I have enabled you to feel the praise. Well done, David!

Anne Burnham, Burnham Family Farm Market, Cobourg


I just read your editorial note on your 20-Year Anniversary of Watershed. It is heartwarming and refreshing to look back and reflect on the good and chaotic times that went into producing the premium magazine in our expanded community. Congratulations to you and your amazing staff and writers. You have created a cornerstone in our community that breathes the “Good Will” and “Feel Good” spirit in all of us. Thank you!

Rick Holmes, via email


We devour each and every issue of Watershed and visit Watershed country each summer. Watershed is our guide to where to visit, eat and shop whenever we are here. I must acknowledge those smart advertisers who understand that the Watershed reader is a very devoted and determined supporter of anyone inside the pages of this brilliantly designed magazine. Keep up the great work.

Ben Williams, Montreal