Mailbag – Summer 2021

We are regular listeners to CFMX, Classical 103.1FM. We are enjoying the informative Watershed Moments: nature, history, and general interest with a good background soundtrack. Great job.
Allan Seymour, Cobourg

I was thrilled to see the excellent article in the latest Watershed about the Avro Arrow (Sixty Years on, We Still Dream of the Arrow, Spring 2021). I became a fan of its history in my role as VP of Dundurn Press (now retired). Dundurn published three books on the Avro Arrow by Palmiro Campagna, an aviation enthusiast: Requiem for a Giant: A.V. Roe Canada and the Avro Arrow, (2003); Storms of Controversy: The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed, (2010); and The Avro Arrow: For the Record, (2019). There are also many other books by other publishers. What surprised me most was the enduring interest in and the quest for the truth about the Avro Arrow which never dimmed over the years.

Thank you to contributor Orland French for writing this excellent article. Personally, I feel scrapping the program was a terrible loss for Canada and the Canadian aviation industry. All the bright young minds who left Canada to pursue their dream in the United States, certainly to the benefit of the U.S. space program, could have built a world class program here with support from the government. A lost opportunity.

Thank you for adding a history piece to Watershed and I hope you continue to do so.
Beth Bruder, via email

I have enjoyed listening to the Watershed Moments segments on The New Classical 103.1FM. They are invariably interesting and informative and delivered in a soothing fashion. But what, I ask myself, are they selling me? An interest in, curiosity about, and appreciation of my whereabouts? I’m sold!
W. Beaton, via email


My newspaper days are over, but I have been reading and studying your success story at Watershed. I am trying to imagine the staff you must have to produce each issue. The photography! Then there is the layout and how you organize the pages. I could go on all day. The magazine is a marvel.
Carolyn Helfenstein, Cobourg
Former Owner and Editor of Teeswater News in Bruce County