Mailbag – Summer 2022


My wife and I look forward to your magazine. “You’ll enjoy the article on clouds,” my wife advised me. And I did. It reminded me of the late 60s when I was guiding in Temagami. During the 4-hour paddle into our base camp built by Col. Sam McLaughlin on Lady Evelyn Lake, we focused on a distant cloud formation of three anvil clouds, evenly spaced circling, lighting up the sky with violent explosions. Like an old screen saver, that image has been burned into my memory bank. I’ve never seen anything like it since. We just made the safety of our cabins as the storm broke. Thanks for the memory.

Barney, via email


I’ve just read a few of the features in this issue – it is GREAT. I seriously love this magazine. I really love the cloud feature – so interesting! Also, an amazing story about the two from Cucina Urbana, and I’m also excited that there is a Canadian Women in Film Museum! Those three women should be household names – it made me happy to see that. Reading this magazine tonight made me stop to really appreciate how lucky we are to live in Eastern Ontario. Honestly, I could never go back to city living. Ever.

Susan Smythe-Bishop, Prince Edward County


Thanks for dropping off copies of Watershed. A quick glance at the magazine, and I think it’s lovely. I like the placement of our ad – the graphics with Chef Scott are complementary. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. My homework tonight – read every word.

Debra Ragbar, Kawartha Spice Co.


I have been picking up your fabulous magazine for myself and for friends for over 10 years. I keep past copies in my guest rooms and visitors love to leaf through the pages and find hidden treasures to go visit! As I read the spring copy, I am listening to the spring peepers from my back deck, and there on page 23, I read about these beautiful little frogs announcing that spring has arrived! I never know what I will find as I turn the page! Thank you, Watershed, for being a big part of Northumberland Life.

Elaine Amenta, Grafton


Wow! Amazing. Great design and ad. What an impactful, and well-designed layout and use of the materials we sent. It gets our message across very well. Love the use of the old and new images to reinforce the “who we are” message. The past and present is very well integrated, instantly comprehended. We are very happy with what your artistic designer has envisioned and created for us.

Peter Stuart-Sheppard, Cobourg Lawn Bowling