Mailbag – Winter 2021/2022


When I read my first copy of your lovely and artistically presented Watershed magazine, I was moved when I saw the two-page photo from “Field of Dreams” (Fall 2021). It brought to mind my vision of sunflowers near Barrie many years ago, thus inspiring me to write the following poem:

Golden flowers gazing up, all standing in a row, the breadth of platters reaching down, your weighted seedpods blow.

Beverlee Rombouts, Peterborough


I have enjoyed your magazine since my arrival to this area some 15 years ago. I like everything about it. The large format, glossy paper, catholicity of content, and the ads. I read them all, and they have helped me settle in. I have bought hardwood floors from these people, floor coverings from their cross-town competition, hardware from them, bird seed, books, trees, and a plastic rock from a bunch of other thems.

Buying local is not just the thing to do, it is enlightened self-interest. When I put my dollar in a local hand, some of it goes to municipal taxation, and that helps keep my property tax bill in check, at least a little.

Marc Cote, via email


Reading Anne Burnham’s letter in the Fall 2021 Mailbag prompted this reply: I am one of the women who spoke to Anne of David’s Newland’s article on migrant workers in Watershed. My impulse was prompted by gratitude. I am grateful to the Burnhams and the relationships they have nurtured that would make an employee want to return year after year to the same farm and family. I am grateful to the Watershed journalists like David Newland for shifting my focus from the local bounty so readily available this time of year to the unsung labourers who come from afar to work in market gardens, orchards and vineyards.

To them I am most grateful.

Helen Turnbull, Gore’s Landing


I thoroughly enjoy Watershed magazine. I pick up your high-quality publication whenever I see it. Such well written articles, excellent photography, and local content on various interesting subjects, some that I would not have considered if not in your magazine.

Linda E. Hagerman, Waring House

Restaurant & Inn, Picton