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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial
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circulation | With a regional circulation of 25,000 magazines per issue, Watershed is the largest publication
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It Came from Warkworth


Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but a Warkworth inventor turned Silicon Valley superstar is poised to unleash his brainchild on the buying public. You heard it…read more

home feature 1 it came from warkworth 9x

author: Tom Cruickshank  

Christmas Fiction: Milestone


A holiday season dedicated to good cheer often brings out tensions between family members. Then there are those unexpected moments, when the clouds open and magic descends…read more

home feature 2 xmas fiction 9x

author: Marianne Ackerman 
illustration: Bill Slavin


In Four Bar Measure


Now in his 80s, composer Michael Pepa orchestrates a lifetime of worldly experience from his Cobourg doorstep.…read more

home feature 3 michael pepa 9x

author: Conrad Beaubien   
photography: Matthew Botha

Farm 911: The Emily Project


Farm 911: The Emily Project was launched to improve emergency services in our rural communities…read more

home feature 4 farm 911 the emily projecty 9x

author: Kelly S. Thompson 


home depart fence posts 9x

FENCE POSTS: Finding Traction on the Backroads

author: Dan Needles   illustrator: Shelagh Armstrong

When my mother came to the country in the 1950s, she brought a Ford station wagon that would carry five children and a lot of dogs. The starter had a flat spot…

home depart must must 9x

MUST, MUST, MUST: What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region…

home depart garden gate 9x

BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE: Identifying Conifers

author: Micol Marotti 

Is there anything more idyllic than travelling down a country road after a fresh snowfall when the evergreens, boughs laden with glistening snow caps, gently give…

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Watershed Magazine has partnered with two of our region’s most valuable cultural assets – The John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville and the Art Gallery of Northumberland in Cobourg…

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author: Stephanie Campbell

Although you may prefer to curl up by the fire and stay put for most of the winter – why not bundle up in your best cold-weather gear and head outside into the cold and feel the crisp…

home depart cultural currents 9x

CULTURAL CURRENTS: Elizabeth Hutchinson

author: Kathryn Macdonald

On any given day, Elizabeth Hutchinson can be found sitting at her easel in her Belleville studio, dabbing at the oil colours squeezed on her palette or moving her conté across…

home depart innovation 9x

INNOVATION: Connecting Classrooms With CLEVR

author: Meghan Sheffield   

Entrepreneurialism is something few us are drawn to, and even fewer of us have the nerve to pursue. Belleville’s Darryl Denyes had the draw and the nerve – and after 12 years…

2014.3 george thumb

GEORGE'S POND: In Search of my Inner Venus

author: George Smith   illustrator: Lee Rapp

If, as John Gray postulates, men are from Mars and women from Venus, it’s surprising that we get along as well as we do. After all, even the Roman deities who lent…

home depart habitat 9x

HABITAT: Lasting Stewardship of our Living Legacies

author: Norm Wagenaar  

As European settlers chopped the trees, drained the marshes, farmed the land, built communities, developed economies and connected it all with roads, canals and railway…

home depart field notes 9x

FIELD NOTES: The Eastern Chipmunk

author: Terry Sprague

Chipmunks started preparing for winter some weeks ago.  As much as I enjoy watching their antics as they dart around my backyard in their designer coats, I’m happy to see these…

home depart food drink 9x

FOOD & DRINK SCENE Christmas Traditions with Chef Matt DeMille

author: Signe Langford & Jeff Bray   photography: Johnny C.Y. Lam 

Welcome to the local Food & Drink Scene where Watershed shares its secrets and discoveries. Our region is blessed with creative chefs, restaurateurs…

home depart meanderings 9x

MEANDERINGS: Picton Harbour Early 1900s

photograph:  Courtesy of County of Prince Edward Public Library and Archives

Picton harbour was the economic hub of the community throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century. Local products were loaded and unloaded…

First Words

Screen Shot 2017 11 24 at 12.05.01 PM

There’s a moment over the holidays when the world stands still and the magic dust of the season descends on our old farmhouse. It’s on Christmas Eve when the boys – and I use the term loosely because... read more


On behalf of Ed’s House, Northumberland Hospice Care Centre thank you for the wonderful article written by Cecilia Nasmith highlighting both Ed’s House, and the Bridge Hospice. The article raised awareness of local...…



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hairline wide 865x8CONTRIBUTORS
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marianne ackerman

marianne ackermanMarianne grew up in Prince Edward County. She began her writing career as the Picton correspondent for the…

conrad beaubien

conrad beaubien

Conrad’s love of storytelling has engaged him in a life of the arts. A creator, writer and director of films…

bill slavin

bill slavinBill Slavin has illustrated over one hundred children’s books, fiction and nonfiction. Titles include Stanley’s Party