Watershed Celebrates 20 Years


A Life in Miniature

Everything small is big again as interest in miniature modelling grows in popularity. Artist Arline Smith can create a whole world that will fit on your ping pong table.…

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Peaceful Pastures

The newborn calf blinks slowly, adjusting her eyes to the early morning light. Her mother’s soft mooing and gentle nudges encourage her to stand and nurse. The baby steadies herself on wobbly legs, and takes her first drink of milk. It’s a familiar scene to Joel Fox, and it bodes well for the herd. It’s five a.m. and it’s going to be a good day.…

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Pressing On

In an era when communities need small town newspapers more than ever, the *Picton Gazette* is keeping the presses rolling.…

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Prescription for Change

Primary care is the foundation of our healthcare system, but it is in critical condition. Can it heal itself?…

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Sweet Sounds of Summer

There is a song of summer that plays in everyone’s heart. It sings to us and takes us back to our favourite people and places. From concerts and cottages to first loves and fireflies, what memories does your summer song bring back?…

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[Fence Posts]

I Don’t Know What Happened…

It’s the most common phrase we hear on the phone these days: “I don’t know what happened… ” The line has disconnected for no apparent reason.…

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[Must, Must, Must]

What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region

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[George's Pond]

Home of the Handyman

Let’s face it, like humans, houses are subject to the ravages of time. Endless cycles of wind and weather take their toll. Inevitably, when things go awry and it’s time for maintenance, there are different categories of homeowners.…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Lavender Haze

Lavender is having a bit of a moment – again. Iced lavender lattes and lemonade, new celebrity-endorsed perfumes with signature lavender notes.It has even made it on the “Eras Tour,” inspiring Taylor Swift’s dreamy lyrics in “Lavender Haze.”…

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[Cultural Currents]

Ian Brown

Photographer Ian Brown offers us through-the-lens observations of the terrain surrounding his home in Prince Edward County.…

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D’s Modern Caribbean

Dee Fryer came from Chaguanas, Trinidad to Campbellford with her flavour memories and traditional recipes stowed away. It took a pandemic and a dare to get her cooking.…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country

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Sister Act

From Latin America to Port Hope and Cobourg… How two sisters created Gallola, a global brand offering loafers with provenance and style.…

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[Local History]

The Man with the Midas Touch

Today it’s a blink-and-you’ll_miss-it crossroads, but Hagerman’s Corners was once a landmark in the farm country north of Port Hope. Located at the present-day intersection of Theatre Road and Dale Road,…

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[Day Tripping]

Summer Music

A quintessential part of summer is unpacking your lawn chairs and finding the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor music concert.…

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[Watershed Presents]

Far and Away, The Story of Home

Home is about belonging and connecting to your community. As immigration is changing the local demographic, the Cobourg & Area Museum marks a quarter-century of stories about identity, discovery and finding home.…

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[Joie De Vivre]

A New Horizon

Soaking up serious down time on the shore of Lake Ontario means total relaxation for the owners of Bustle Clothing.…

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[Field Notes]

Can Ducks Smell?

I can still remember that 1950s *Sports Afield* magazine. The cover illustration depicted two weathered hunters clutching their Winchester pump shotguns, peering over the gunnels of a wooden boat…

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Natural Treasures to Discover This Summer

If you think you need to travel out of the country or out of the province to see exotic, colourful, rare and sometimes even weird plants and animals, think again.…

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[Life Au Lait]

Roughing it with Shannon Hunter

It’s a beautiful day in Bloomfield, the sky is staunchly blue, littered with puffy white clouds, and the breeze is blowing our hair into big halos around our faces while we settle into the cushy cabana to sit…

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[In the Hood]

One Kind of Love

Angie Colgoni is a guitar player and successful business woman, but it’s dogs, music and art that sing sweet melodies in her heart.…

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[Small Biz Spotlight]

Small Biz Spotlight – Summer 2024

These ambitious young entrepreneurs are proof positive that you can do something you love at an early age and turn it into a venture that has great market potential.…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

Summer Sippers

Bring on summer, bring on the sun, bring on hot days and warm nights. It’s time to soak it all up and make some memories with friends while sharing four of the finest cocktails your neighbourhood has to offer.…

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[Follow The Food]

Watershed is on the road

A Local Foodie’s Travel Notes…

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[Watershed Presents]

What We Love About Canada

You’ve got to love all these outdoor festivals. But the best part is just spending time with family: watching the kids discover new things, trying a new food or ride,…

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Fred Simpson, Olympian

It was a hot afternoon on July 24 1908, and the crowd at London’s White City Stadium was anxiously awaiting to see which runner would enter the track first…

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Summer is here! And with it comes brilliantly blooming flowers; warm, sunny days; lazy weekends at the cottage; s'mores and songs around the campfile, and most importantly, time to relax and unwind with friends and family.

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[first words]

Jane Kelly Summer 2023

When I open my laptop in the morning, I usually know what to expect: the occasional email from a writer pitching a story, monthly invoices and my daily updates. But one email that popped up a few weeks ago was completely unexpected. It was from the National Media Awards Foundation. I read it, reread it, and gulped. The message announced that I was the recipient of the 2024 Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement. Unexpected indeed!…

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VISITORS LOVE THE MAGAZINE Watershed has been instrumental in bringing new visitors to my gallery as well as reminding existing guests to return. I was featured in Amuse-Bouche in the Spring 2023 issue and had a number of guests remark that they had read the article and that the content was well done. The magazine is well written, curated with beautiful photography and designed with sophistication. The complimentary issues do not sit long and are never stale-dated, with guests snapping them up as soon as they notice the new delivery.…

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Daniel Skwarna

An experienced commercial photographer, Daniel Skwarna has spent the last twenty years working with companies across Canada and the United States.…

Christy Wright

A keen supporter of local businesses and Canadian brands, Christy’s passions include food, design and travel, and she has a soft spot for Prince Edward County and its surrounds.…

Valentina Giannangeli

When she lived in Italy, Valentina worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and as a surface designer for textile and interior design.…