[Fence Posts]

A One-Horse Open Sleigh

My great-uncle Bob was the first member of our family to leave the rat race and seek the simple life on a …

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[Must, Must, Must]

What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

Watershed Presents

A collection of products drawn from the fields and fencerows that reflect the local landscape and our unique history…

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[George's Pond]

A Thousand Words

Subscribing to the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, when Joy and I tied the knot in 1968…

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Building an Outdoor Skating Rink

A step-by-step guide for building and maintaining an outdoor rink for endless, old-fashioned Canadian backyard fun…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country…

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Nectar Technologies

Honeybees have a new champion in the form of a small sensor designed to monitor the health of their hives …

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Gifts With a Conservation Legacy

Land trusts not only provide a means for landowners to ensure their properties are protected for future …

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[Field Notes]

Feeders are Ready, But Who Will we See?

With winter at the doorstep, birders are awaiting the arrival of cheery cold-season visitors to their feeders…

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[Cultural Currents]

emebet belete

“Moving Forward” is the aptly named, current series of acrylic paintings by Emebet Belete…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Friendship on a Frozen Lake

What does it take to persuade a group of men to spend a freezing afternoon on a windswept lake staring down …

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[A Curated Collection]

Bedros Aslanian

The Art Gallery Of Northumberland Presents: Bedros Aslanian…

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J. David Ford Circa 1935

For decades, J. David Ford’s pencil-written notes lay long forgotten and covered in dust…

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