3 Somms & A Pomm - four women in the wine industry

Three Somms & A Pomm

It wasn’t that long ago that the hospitality and beverage industries were dominated by men. Meet four talented female professionals who are turning that old paradigm upside down. Three sommeliers and one pommelier from Prince Edward County swap stories about their journeys through the often challenging, never boring world of wine and cider.…

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Foster M. Russell: Community Journalist and Publisher

Staunch conservative or man of the people? Progressive thinker or stodgy traditionalist? Publisher Foster M. Russell was the kind of journalist it was hard to be neutral about. For over two decades, his newspaper, the Cobourg Sentinel-Star was the source of hard news and harder opinion.…

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Melanie Harrington owner of Dahlia May Flower Farm

Flower Power

Melanie Harrington lives and breathes beauty. Her Dahlia May Flower Farm in Quinte West sparkles with colour and romance. An idyllic setting for sure, but one that demands focus, resilience and plenty of know-how to thrive in a competitive.…

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