[Fence Posts]

The Mushroom Farm

About five years ago my eldest son developed a keen interest in mushrooms, and suddenly our front yard and garden were littered with stacks of logs he had inoculated with various strains of edible fungi. …

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[Must, Must, Must]

What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Comparing Apples to Apples

For many of us, the first cold snap of the season is an unwelcome sign of the coming of winter; but for some local apple growers, it’s the moment they have been anticipating for months.…

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[Day Tripping]

A Snow day in Quinte West

Snow Day! The possibilities for winter fun in our region are endless – skating, skiing, snowmobiling and hot cocoa to warm you up afterwards.…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country

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[Watershed Presents]

Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand if you like a lively main street – real stores with products you can see and feel and humans who answer questions without going “beep.”…

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[George's Pond]

My Room

It is my favourite room in the entire house. It’s the first place I go to each morning, to catch up on the overnight news and it’s my last stopover in the evening until the Blue Jays or Leafs lure me away to our geriatric, 32-inch, unsmart TV.…

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Of Passion And Empowerment

A nucleus of entrepreneurial talent and a brilliant concept brought together 3,000 women from across Canada and around the world to talk up enterprise mentoring and networking. Meet the Northumberland women who pulled it off.…

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[Joie De Vivre]

Molly Johnson and All That Jazz

Mixing newfound Northumberland warmth with her innately cool career, Molly Johnson is savouring the sweet side of life…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

From Italy With Love

At Pasta Tavola, sisters Paula and Victoria Watts create authentic Italian fare with Canadian flair – inspired by Nonna, naturally!…

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[Road Trip]

Road Trip – Winter 2021

Watershed is on the road… In this issue, it’s all about adapting to our circumstances, supporting the businesses that are working hard to create the food……

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Environmental Champions

Nothing is more important than caring for our planet. Meet six local environmentalists who go above and beyond to protect and preserve our watersheds – and encourage others to do the same.…

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[Field Notes]

On the Wings of the Weather

As the first blasts of wintry weather strip the hardwood hills of autumn splendour and the countryside is filled with crisp morning air, one of Nature’s miracles plays out in the skies above us.…

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[Cultural Currents]

Andrea Piller

Exploring the limits of clay has been at the heart of Andrea Piller’s practice since she first discovered ceramics 40 years ago. Even now, at the heart of her work, experimentation and curiosity provide a foundation towards final form and function.…

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The Northumberland Forest Ski Club

As you wind your way along highway 45 through the Northumberland Forest, there are still remnants of the old Northumberland Ski Club that operated from 1945 into the late 1970s. …

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