[Cultural Currents]

Dawn Middleton

Dawn Middleton sees her pottery as a direct reflection of who she is as a person: easy going, simple, with coastal vibes. “Maybe it’s because I grew up on this funny little island, but my work has a lot of whites, blues and greens,” says Dawn, who was raised in Picton. “For me, it’s all about the material and having this really organic, soft, chilled-out vibe with my pieces.”

Whether in vases, candle holders or tableware, Dawn’s love for clay and her playful approach to pottery allow the materials to shine through, resulting in pieces that feel pure and elemental.

“There’s more play with pottery than with any other material that I’ve encountered,” she says excitedly. “My love is really the clay itself.”

For as long as Dawn can remember, she dreamed of having a shop on Picton’s Main Street. Now, The Ye11ow Studio is the open-concept shop and workspace of those dreams. Entering through the nineteenth-century door of The Ye11ow Studio, you’ll hear the jingle of a charming bell; you’ll take in the exposed brick, the dusty terracotta tones, and the characteristic old creak of the floor, which Dawn remembers fondly from spending time in these shops growing up. Behind the shop area, visitors may find shelves of new pieces drying, or Dawn at her pottery wheel – a glimpse into her workspace and process. She invites people to come, chat and learn a little bit about how pottery is made. “It’s always neat to welcome people into my world.”


Story by:
Shelby Lisk

[Winter 2020/2021 departments]