Road Trip

Watershed is on the road… In this issue, it’s all about adapting to our circumstances, supporting the businesses that are working hard to create the food we love, sourcing fresh ingredients and finally getting out in the fresh air to the markets and the shops we love.

Ganaraska Brewing Company
33 Mill Street S., Port Hope

This Piccini-designed, Port Hope-inspired building offers the best rooftop view of the Ganaraska River and a perfect spot to sample Ganaraska Brewing Company’s signature Pilsner, Ale, Lager and IPA on a crisp fall afternoon. Brewmaster Alex Nichols brings his impressive crafting pedigree to this newly minted Port Hope landmark and delights patrons with his artisanal take on perennial brew favourites.

Apple Picking

Nothing says “fun family fall outing” better than a trip to your local orchard for an afternoon of apple-picking, memory-making and a few Instagram snaps to share with friends. Apple orchards have always been an integral part of our agricultural history and are open once again for business.

For a list of orchards offering U-Pick and ready-to-buy apples, grab your basket and start picking:

Our Lucky Stars Café
16 Main Street, Warkworth

This happy yellow café in the heart of Warkworth beckons with fair trade coffee, locally sourced pantry provisions and a plant-powered lunch menu. Their commitment to good food, healthy eating and collaborating with neighbours keeps their menu fresh and keeps regulars coming back for more. Share a coffee with friends and take home ratatouille, curried butternut squash soup and some of the best salad dressings around.

Jamie Kennedy Fries
18662 Loyalist Pkwy, Hillier

The O.G. of celebrity chefs, Jamie Kennedy serves up the humble French fry with a twist of decadence, a dash of haute cuisine and a hearty serving of crispy indulgence. Jamie adds his creative spin to local produce and offers a fresh take on County fare including braised beef poutine, JK aioli, smoked whitefish or JK double bone broth. Enjoy a meal at Jamie’s Prince Edward County farm or take home to savour later.
photograph by Jo Dickins

Falafel Royale
FB: @FalafelRoyaleBelleville

Nasr and Nabiha share their culinary journey with the Quinte region and serve up Syrian staples like crispy on the outside and dreamy soft on the inside falafels, savoury kibbe, or minty fresh tabouli. Visit Falafel Royale at Belleville’s Pop Ups on the Bay until the end of September or order from their online menu – Nasr and Nabiha’s Travelling Kitchen – and indulge year-round..

Millstone Bread
55 Albert Street, Cobourg

This Cobourg-based artisanal bakery has the young, but very passionate Elsa Deperasinski at the helm, who is making her mark by adding more take-away options, from delicately decadent Wojo Pierogi and savoury quiches to freshly made soups and sandwiches. And don’t forget the European-influenced bread. Our favourite is the chewy perfection of a French sourdough, a hearty baguette, or their signature cinnamon-y sweet raisin bread.

22178 Loyalist Pkwy, Carrying Place

When the temperatures drop and you are still craving the heat of summer, head to the hottest food truck this side of the Caribbean – JERKebago. This bright pastel trailer in Carrying Place promises good food and good vibes. Count us in for a serving of spicy, fall-off-the-bone jerk chicken, rice, beans, slaw and a generous portion of plantain chips, available until the Halloween weekend. Once outdoor dining is done for the season, check out Chef Josh’s Ready to Go Feast Package offering an alternating menu of Caribbean and Indian-Kenyan vibe. Yes, please!

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