Road Trip

Watershed is on the road… In this issue, it’s all about adapting to our circumstances, supporting the businesses that are working hard to create the food we love, sourcing special ingredients and finally getting back out in the fresh air to the markets and the shops we love.


Pizza By the Bakery
2 Mill St., Warkworth

Hot, hand-tossed, stone-baked dough topped with totally delicious local ingredients… this little bakery rises to the occasion (and so does its dough). Wednesday through Saturday you can order the pizza of the week with dessert for pickup. The Bakery also has a freezer packed with to-go dinners for the nights when you’re on the fly.

Empire Cheese Co-operative
1120 Cty. Rd. 8, Campbellford

Simply said, a local dairy co-operative produces some of the best Canadian cheddar in our own backyard. It’s crumbly, dry, tangy and made in the traditional way – in open vats that bring out the flavour – and without preservatives. The Empire Cheese Co-op is the last remaining cheese factory in Northumberland County.

In Your Garden

One of the first herbs to show up in your garden is mint. Those bright green leaves are determined to pop as soon as the sun warms the earth around the plant’s tenacious roots. Take advantage of those minty leaves by combining them with some vegetable stock, crème fraîche and sweet peas. The end result? A velvety spring soup that zings with flavour.

135 Peter St., Port Hope

Happenstance – a circumstance, especially one that is due to chance. That about sums up the adaptation of this Port Hope bakery and coffee roastery that offers a drive-through service and a quality of product that foodies line up for on a Saturday morning. Fresh baguettes, chicken pot pies, ginger cookies – the range is decadent and delicious and – as chance would have it – as close as your phone or your computer. Order online for delivery or pick up.

20261 Cty. Rd. 33, Consecon

Welcome back Tabersnack. It’s been a long winter without you!

The folks at Tabersnack respect the traditions of simple Québécois cuisine and know how to cook the best local food in a je ne sais quoi County style. Visitors take note: After you’ve eaten an order of Beefy Poutine – smoked beef tips poutine with caramelized onions – you’ll either be buying property in the County or humming a sad rendition of Un Canadien Errant all the way back to Toronto.

Farmers’ Markets

Stewed Rhubarb

Have you tried cooking rhubarb up in orange juice instead of water?Try this recipe for a zesty citrus kick.

  • 6 c. chopped rhubarb
  • 1 c. brown sugar
  • 1 c. orange juice

Combine all ingredients and cook in a pan until the sugar has dissolved. Finish off with the zest of a fresh orange. So fresh… so spring!

The Grind & Vine
45 Front St., Trenton

Start with a cappuccino. And stay for a second cup, lulled by the sounds of the hissing espresso machine and the clatter of coffee cups as a busy barista pushes orders across the steel counter. The Grind & Vine is authentic and its atmosphere adapts as the day unfolds – wine and charcuterie awaits the end-of-day crowd.

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