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Vadim Vaskovsky

The ever-changing landscapes and horizons of Prince Edward County continue to inspire the imagination of artist Vadim Vaskovsky. His latest works reflect his fascination with the textures and colours of County vistas, painted with an aerial perspective.

One of his recent landscape pieces shows a County property and its owners as a bird might see them. “I was asked to depict all the animals on the farm, the farmhouse, and the last request was to add the farm’s owner and his wife. I put them in a hot air balloon.” He named the piece Over the Rainbow Farm. Vadim was born in Central Asia and was raised in Russia and Ukraine before emigrating to Canada in 2002. His formal arts education took place at the Grekov College of Art in Odesa, Ukraine, and he has been working as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer since 1999.

Vadim’s artistic style is constantly changing. One of his previous series was devoted to the cubist movement, but he has also experimented with impressionist, modernist, and minimalist styles.

Texture is an important element in Vadim’s art, and his favourite medium is oil. “I have experimented, mixing it with cold wax to achieve a texture like carpet or fabric,” says Vadim. “It makes the paint deeper and more matte than glossy.”

Vadim’s work is available through Studio 22 Fine Art Gallery in Kingston and The Local Store in Bloomfield. He also sells through London-based art platform, Artfinder, and his works can be viewed and purchased through his website.


Story by:
Jennifer Shea

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