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What I Love About Canada

Canada Day is a state of mind as much as a holiday. These inspiring notes from our readers prove that even without crowds, parades or fireworks this year, our country’s values and principles remain true, strong, and free.

We are lucky to have so much green space, diversity of cultures and beliefs, a kind nature and an instantly recognizable cultural identity, eh!
Elyse White, Belleville

Multiculturalism is the fabric woven into the patchwork quilt that creates our majestic country. Canada is sincerely welcoming to newcomers and one of the most charitable lands in the world. I am proud to say I’m a Canadian!
Lynn C. Bilton, Cobourg

Our foods and flavours are crafted by traditional cuisines and culinary innovations. Canada is delicious!
Angela Roest, Warkworth

The Great Lakes run deep in my blood. When I came to Canada fifteen years ago, it was Lake Ontario who welcomed me. On her shores, here in beautiful Northumberland County, I am home. Katie Hoogendam, Cobourg Canada’s huge vastness, its impressive and varied landscape and scenery, from coast-to-coast, its sunrises and sunsets, wherever one is, the northern lights and the ever changing skyscapes.
John Jeronimus, Grafton

People are friendly and we have the best of both worlds – hot summers and cold winters, lush landscapes from coast-to-coast, and easy-to-get-to quiet places and have the city at our fingertips.
Trudy Walker, Oakville

It’s the opportunities that Canada gives to newcomers like my parents, who immigrated here in the 80s. Nothing came easy. But with the help of their new Canadian friends, they found jobs, bought a house, and built a better life. The help and acceptance that Canadians offer is what I love the most about Canada.
Anna Mei Yee, Toronto

I love that the land and the seasons are so much a part of who we are. Plus, we are super earnest, and the world needs more of that right now!
Victoria Campbell, California

What I like most about being Canadian, is that we all get to share our individual cultures with each other. The more we share, the more we appreciate and the more Canadian we become.
Nick Carter, Toronto

A Canadian Sunset may be archived in history through a legendary song but to witness one anywhere the country panorama takes you, is forever implanted in your soul. I love how Canada’s landscape offers this choice of discovery, and the people who have adopted the nation are as diverse and beautiful.
Ron Waddling, Brighton

My husband and I emigrated to Canada in 1966. We were most impressed with the deep and quiet pride of the people, and the warmth and beauty of this country. We have been amazed how many nationalities have come together and formed a united Canada. We have travelled from Victoria to Prince Edward Island and have been awed with it all.
Beryl and Dawson Phillips, Cobourg

We are so fortunate to live in a country blessed with everything from vast forests and clear waters to sophisticated cities, a country which is big enough to offer a place for everyone. Our creativity, low-key patriotism, passion for our national sport, charming tendency to apologize, and our generosity make me very proud to be a Canadian.
Olivia Gibbs, Grafton

What I love best about the country is my luck to be here.
Guy Walton, Cobourg

For an expat like me, it’s as simple as this: Canada is my home. Always has been. Always will be. There’s no place like home.
Joe Árvai, California

During this crisis, our leaders, both provincially and federally, are working together despite their political and ideological differences for the benefit of all Canadians. That’s what makes me proud and what I love best about our country.
Irwin Aronson, Port Dover

I LOVE my country for its stupendous seasonal changes, its vast untamed forests and diverse wildlife, resplendent mountains, rivers and lakes, its multi-cultural liberal minded population, and mostly for allowing me to immigrate here in 1977.
Robert Cramer, Lakeport

I love Canada for its great land; for its varied landscapes inviting artists with the challenge of giving it justice. I love the culture of its different people; its tolerance; its humility in facing difficulties; its generosity. I love Canada through all the proud faces of its people.
Louise Leclair, Grafton

I am grateful for universal health care. We are fortunate in having a majority of political, sane leaders, who, despite party affiliations, have banded together to fight a worldwide pandemic. Civility and politeness – it is a plus to be regarded as a polite and caring nation.
Donna O’Neil, Trenton

The landscape is so diverse – there is something to suit everyone’s dream of a place to live. I love that most people are very friendly and helpful. I love that I live in a beautiful spot with trees, wildlife and birds and they are all safe here on our land.
Barb Harnden, Grafton

I love that we experience all four seasons, even our brutally cold winters because they make us resilient and instill in us a deep love of hockey and skiing. I love that we put maple syrup on everything. Most of all, I love that Canada is a country of hope where no dream is too big.
Sarah Honey, Cobourg

I like that Canada has more rules than most other countries. It makes our lives sacred.
Joshua MacArthur, Durham

I love that Canada is a warm blanket woven together by many colourful yarns told across our vast backyard brimming with many countries, many cultures, many voices.
Margrie Wallace, Toronto

What I love most about Canada is that it is a free country, and we have fresh water and a lot of lakes to swim in.
Ella MacArthur, Durham

What I love most about Canada is its natural beauty. I love being surrounded by water and verdant fields. I travel a lot, but eventually long to return to the most naturally beautiful country in the world: Canada.
Jacqueline Thompson, Toronto/Picton

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