First Words – Summer 2020

Darwin theorized that we evolve as a species through adaptation. All I can say is that we must be evolving, because we’ve done nothing but adapt over the last three months.

Out of necessity, businesses have adjusted to the changes brought on by the pandemic, and Watershed is no exception.

Our small but mighty Watershed team made sure that 25,000 copies of our spring issue were safely delivered. The process was difficult but it brought us together and made us think of new ways to do business. In anticipation of our summer issue, we’ve shifted our schedules, our delivery locations, our message, our timelines and our ideas in the hope that we stay on Darwin’s survival list.

Families have adapted to the challenges created by the pandemic, and my family is no different. We’ve done our best to manage our jobs and help our kids while they juggle their jobs and manage their kids. My daughter Jessie came face to face with the impact of COVID-19 when at the height of the pandemic, she gave birth to a baby girl. She met uncertainty with the bravest of hearts but within an instant of her baby being born, she locked eyes with new daughter and her mothering instincts took over.

When I hold my tiny grandchild in my arms, despite all the ups and downs over the last few months, a sense of happiness and calm comes over me.

Yes, Mr. Darwin, I’m adapting. Although I’m tired, somehow my heart has miraculously grown in a matter of months.