Mailbag Fall 2023

A Gem

First of all, we love your publication and look forward to every edition. We are huge on supporting local so we’re familiar with many of your advertisers. Your latest issue showed two wonderful people, Frank and Jane Abella at La Cultura Salumi (That’s Amore, Summer 2023), where we have shopped since they first opened their business. Thank you so much for showcasing this gem.
Tony MacKinnon, via email

Worth Reading

Just a short note to give the team at Watershed some well-deserved praise for an outstanding Summer issue. Dan Needles’ column always offers an interesting perspective, and the articles on Beneficial Bugs, the Rural Boom and High Wire Act were well-written, relevant and informative. I was particularly impressed by Karin Wells’ compelling account of Malcom Madsen’s disappearance in Mexico and his daughter Brooke’s brave fight for justice… A truly fascinating story. I am grateful to have such an outstanding regional publication.
Paul Tolton, Grafton

Follow the Food

I enjoyed the shout-out to Lighthall Vineyards Cheese in the Summer issue (Follow the Food, Summer 2023). In the midst of the pandemic, I needed to get out so I picked up several bottles of wine and a selection of cheeses from Lighthall. It felt so good to take a road trip to the County. Such great wines and cheeses.
J Harris, via Instagram

Knock on Wood – or Anything

I would like to add to the “Here to Help” section of the Summer issue.

The sound of woodpeckers hammering on your house is not uncommon. Unlike songbirds, which sing to announce their presence and define their home turf, woodpeckers don’t sing. They will search out any surface in their territory that yields an appropriately loud and distinctive sound to announce their presence and warn off others. This is referred to as “territorial drumming.” I experienced this when a woodpecker decided to use the galvanized metal support for the hydro line on my roof as his “drum” of choice. Efforts to dissuade him were fruitless because once they’re habituated to the site, nature will prevail!
Terry Essery, via email

A Sense of Community

I read the magazine every time it comes out and love the in-depth stories about our community. It makes me feel more connected to the region and my neighbours, and I’m always excited to learn more about folks here in PEC.
Spencer Hoyt, via email

Editor’s Note – We spelled Malcom Madsen’s name incorrectly in our story, Brooke’s Justice. We apologize for the oversight.