Mailbag – Spring 2021

We are so lucky to have both Chris Cameron and Watershed in our community! Thank you for publishing his two wonderful short stories, “Tree of Light” (Winter, 2019/20) and “Snow Angel” (Winter 2020/21). I loved them both.

Westben was thrilled to create a musical version of “Tree of Light” as a Digital Concert at The Barn, with narrator Frank Moore and the Westben Choruses singing from their homes. People have enjoyed it so much; they have asked us to keep it online – and we have! Many thanks to Watershed for not only introducing us to this wonderful story, but also for so graciously encouraging Westben to explore it musically and share it even further! And of course, thank you, Chris, for writing such a meaningful story. What a wonderful collaboration!

Brian Finley CM
Artistic & Managing Director
Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity through Music

I don’t know how many times I have walked past the behemoth at Port Hope’s waterfront and never thought much about what was going on inside. Thank you to Watershed for bringing attention to the important work at Cameco. I had no idea how great a role our hometown industry has played in the medical field. I had no idea how important those medical isotopes are for sterilizing medical equipment and for their part in cancer treatments. Bravo to the men and women who toil quietly away each day for the betterment of all of us.
John Bales, Port Hope

Thank you for bringing Northumberland gem, Cale Crowe, to the pages of Watershed in Jeanne Beker’s (another Northumberland gem!) Joie de Vivre. I have always admired Cale’s smooth vocals and hopeful lyrics and was pleased to hear how modest and devoted he is to his family. Here’s to Cale’s continued success!

Greg Stamm, via email.

We have been so impressed with the amount of traffic and inquiries made to our shop after placing an ad in Watershed magazine! Being a new business with limited advertising dollars we were nervous about where to spend them. Within a week of the winter Watershed edition coming out with our advertisement we had a noticeable increase in traffic through the door who came because they saw us in Watershed. I am a converted believer in the power of local magazines and specifically the well-produced content of Watershed magazine.

Christine DenOuden,
Owner, Kleur Design Furniture & Decor

Any season is the time to read, but winter is best to savour all the treats you have been saving for this special season. Bravo to Watershed and “Winter Reads”! Please add The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham, Rabbit Foot Bill by Helen Humphries, Our Darkest Night by Jennifer Robson and a subscription to Our Canada magazine… all good reads. Looking forward to Watershed’s “Spring /Summer Reads”!

Lynn C. Bilton, Cobourg