Mailbag – Spring 2023


I’m a regular reader of your magazine and enjoy it very much. I was very pleased to read “Squirrels, Swirls, and Snowballs” by Signe Langford in the Winter issue and was delighted with Roger Thomas’s recipe for squirrel pâté. What a wonderful Canadian solution to provide an epicurean treat from the land. I no longer try to grow tomatoes because the squirrels decimate them. I would invite Roger to come and harvest the many squirrels that infest my yard, how ever, I live in Belleville and there are municipal by-laws preventing shooting in the city. I like Mr. Thomas’s approach. Well done!

Hugh Rowson, via email


I would like to congratulate you on the article “On Thin Ice” in the Winter issue!

My 89-year-old mother was thrilled to read it and see the pictures, especially the photo on page 33. The distinguished gentleman holding the single ice saw blade is her father, Bill Theobald. He was born August 10, 1913. He owned his own trucking company called Colbright Express as well as a gravel pit south of the 401 near Little Lake. He was great friends with George Ventress.

The other gentleman with Mr. Ventress is Art Trenear. Our family has lived in the Colborne/ Dundonald area for over 100 years.
Lorraine Chapman, via email


What a beautiful article you created on The Quinte Ballet School of Canada on our 50th, and my 10th, anniversary! Thank you ever so much for the care and attention to detail. It is indeed an honour to be represented in this winter’s Watershed.

Catherine Taylor, Artistic Director at QBSC


I would like to address the cancellation of Via Rail Train 651 from the perspective of a person with a disability who needs the train to access medical care in Toronto. In 2022 I had twelve early-morning appointments in Toronto. Many of my appointments are to monitor my kidney cancer and it is imperative that I attend. Via Rail is the best way to get to Toronto. Because Train 651 is not available, I am forced to stay overnight in Toronto, a significant financial burden. In 2022 I spent $1,399 on hotel stays. Sadly at times, I am forced to choose whether I can afford to access my critically needed medical care.

Carol Anne Bell-Smith, RN DMSc, Cobourg