Watershed is a beacon of excellence as far as print media is concerned.

Helen Field


I read every word and love your magazine, then pass it on to my friend who also thinks it’s the best magazine out there, much appreciated!

Janet Logan


One of the best things about living in a small town is that you get to know the people who own and work in our local stores and restaurants. In “A Taste of Home,” writer Signe Langford beautifully captures the stories of Café Lviv staff Taisiia, Halyna and Oleksandra, who fled the war in Ukraine and how they are sharing their proud culture through food in Port Hope. Thank you, Watershed for highlighting their stories.

Eva Lannon


I want to thank Lynn C. Bilton for her lovely story “One Night Only” in Watershed’s winter edition. It is a Maud Lewis painting in words. As an octogenarian who has been blessed by a lifetime of happy Christmases with my children and grandchildren, I could feel it tugging at the heartstrings. Roy and Ruth Bartlett’s Christmas gift to their family, friends and community shows us, regardless of faith, the world as it should be. The artwork by Tim Zeltner accompanying the story is perfect.

Bill Kennedy


There’s no doubt that staying truthfully informed isn’t quite as easy as it once was. A good many newspapers, some of which included multiple dailyeditions (in larger metropolitan areas), no longer grace us with news that Dan Needles felt was essential to remaining aware of the important things in life.

Dan’s mention of the passing of the Glengarry News hit home because my 98-year-old mother, who continues to live on her own in Alexandria, relied heavily upon that publication to ascertain which of her neighbours had expired. I didn’t realize just how critical that small paper had become to the community until I discovered that it was my mother who paid its annual subscription fee and then shared that same paper with her neighbours. Tempers flared one day when one person “down the line” took exception to my mother having clipped an article from her copy, suggesting she shouldn’t have inconvenienced her friends that way. I would often choose the Glengarry News to acknowledge her nonagenarian birthdays by publishing a classified ad along with a photo of her. Glengarry News staff members made it a delight for me to create such ads with their help.

Tom Groot


What a great way to meet new people! I love the Book Club story “The Joys of Reading with Friends” in Watershed’s winter issue and the importance of supporting our libraries and local bookstores. I was also interested to read about Book Clubs for Inmates. What a great initiative… Kudos to all involved.

Victor Watson


As I write this letter to the editor, I wish to convey the feeling Watershed brings to me as I sit at a local coffee shop in Brighton, enjoying my Sunday coffee. I have vivid memories of my childhood enjoying the beautiful countryside with my family. So much has changed! A place that I remember as being beautiful – is now absolutely stunning. Your magazine captures the essence of both what I remember and places that I have yet to experience. Your human touch brings print alive in such a beautiful way, and keeps readers like me wanting more content.

Danielle Pointon


I am about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my move to Belleville. What an absolute joy to discover your magazine. You tackle the hard-to-discuss issues from long-term care to the state of our farmland with care and compassion. I look forward to reading the next issue.

Sarah Chapman


We started working with Watershed over six years ago because of the magazine’s tailored marketing strategies that helped my company target a local upscale clientele. I can’t imagine spending our hard-earned marketing dollars anywhere else.

Alex Foster, Glengarry Construction


I wanted to send a note to thank Watershed, and specifically Karin Wells, for writing a much-needed article on the state of Long-Term care, “A Cry for Critical Thinking.” I’ve seen well-intended money being thrown at the issue from various levels of government, but it never seems to be enough. I envy what Denmark has accomplished and hope we can take some of those ideals and put them to practice here. And of course, I selfishly hope this can be accomplished before I am in need of care.

Lesley Sills


Upon moving to Northumberland County 16 years ago, one of my most pleasant discoveries was Watershed magazine. I enjoy the informative articles and even read all the ads, which is something I normally don’t do, but everything is so beautifully presented. Visitors from outside the area are always impressed to see what a classy local publication we are so fortunate to have.

In the last several issues there seems to have been an introduction to an influencer-type tone in some pieces, which can readily be found throughout social media and in my opinion is jarring in comparison to your usual standards. It’s always been nice to read about the topic presented without the insertion of the writer into their article.

Please keep Watershed the unique treasure it is!

Maria Siemiaszko