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A Little Cheese With That Wine?

Busy lives and hectic schedules don’t always allow the time to sip and savour one of life’s greatest pleasures – the combination of cheese and wine. When you play the two on your palate, the depth of flavour is taken to new heights. A simple rule of thumb when pairing wine and cheese? Lighter cheeses pair well with light wines and stronger cheeses pair well with full-bodied wines.

Take your taste experience one step further by sampling cheeses made in the neighbourhood. The expertise and the processes at smaller artisanal cheese factories sets them apart from the multinational companies; artisanal cheeses are naturally aged with flavours unique to the region and the individual cheesemaker.

Maple Dale Cheese
2864 Highway 37

Empire Cheese
1120 County Road 8

Black River Cheese Company
913 County Road 13

Ivanhoe Cheese
11301 HIghway 62 N

Story by:
Jane Kelly

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