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Watershed is on the road… In this issue, it’s all about finding those first hints of spring ingredients, supporting the businesses that are working hard to create the food we love, and getting out in the fresh air to the farm markets and the independent shops we love.

Nubroth Kombucha
Wallbridge, between Trenton and Belleville
Facebook: NubrothFresh

Hand-crafted kombucha in flavours like pomegranate and black raspberry are a must-try if you’re a fan of the fizzy, sweet-and-sour beverage that’s known for improving digestive health and giving you an energy boost. (We all need that!) Joel Frijters and Tina Warren of Nubroth experiment with whatever’s growing locally, like mint leaf. “It has a live flavour that naturally moves around in your mouth,” says Frijters. Refreshing! The couple offers kombucha workshops, personal chef experiences and homemade foods to go.

photograph by Joel Frijters

The Main at 66
66 Walton Street, Port Hope
Instagram: themainat66

You can’t deny that the aroma of croissants baking in the oven is a pastry lover’s dream. Add in the addictive scent of coffee and espresso, and, really, who can resist the morning pop-in to The Main at 66 in downtown Port Hope? The buzzy new café has a real back-to-the-land community feel, with a focus on sustainable eating and drinking for breakfast, lunch and any time you need a great bite during the day – with a whole lot of local love.

MoreRoses Apiaries
29 Marine Drive, Hastings

Artisan beekeepers John and Linda Moroz decided on a new adventure instead of retirement. Six years in, they are masters of beeswax and honey production, sweeping up awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair since 2019. How sweet it is! Stop by their self-serve honey stand for the signature raw honey, unpasteurized, packed with nutrients and delicious in drizzle-perfect golden and white or creamed for spreading with a kick of cinnamon. You can also book a learning session and a bee yard tour.

Picnic Catering
170 Main Street, Wellington

From PEC’s first food truck to Picton main street café to catering, Chef Rebecca Hunt knows how to plate up deliciousness. Her company, Picnic Catering, makes healthy food indulgent and gorgeous! How about salad with baby greens, finely sliced radish and freshly crumbled feta, or citrusy chicken sprinkled with pomegranate seeds? Her dessert trays, too, are wondrous, with pistachio and lemon sandwich cookies and mini cheesecakes. And she’s open to all requests to suit your personal tastes.

photograph by Tara McMullen

Taste Mi Cocina
Cobourg, with production at the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre in Colborne

Taste the vibrant flavours of traditional Mexican salsa and homestyle corn tortilla chips – dip, crunch, crunch! Cobourg maker and food chemist Arisbe Castellanos came to Canada from Mexico a decade ago and has brought her love for sharing great food into our neighbourhood homes. Her product line Mi Cocina, which translates as “My Kitchen,” is a taste-traveller’s adventure available online and at local food stores.

Clafeld Cider
3016 County Road 8, Picton

Waupoos Estates Winery’s sister company, Clafeld Cider, has created an addition to the small-batch offerings: ice cider, made from winter-harvested apples and the estate-made maple syrup. In an area that celebrates drink culture, this is big – and delicious! All of the unique blends and fusions (with 100 percent Waupoos apples) are the work of awardwinning cider maker Amy Baldwin. Hats off! Sample a cider flight on the patio that overlooks the Lake Ontario blue.

photograph by Alexandra Kaufman

Drink Finally

Looking for a bubbly and refreshing mojito or zesty margarita without the alcohol? The recently launched Finally! beverage company serves up delightful, fine-crafted classic drinks in cans, ready for your next picnic or party. They’re low-sugar and made with natural flavourings to provide an authentic cocktail experience – so non-drinkers will feel a lot more included. Business partners and community-minded creators of the brand, Jenna McKay and Alex Curry, are also donating a portion of sales to local mental health services.

photograph by Nick Menzies at Lake Street Studios

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