Mailbag – Winter 2022/2023


My wife and I are enjoying the Fall issue of Watershed. We always enjoy this world class magazine and marvel that you continue to come up with interesting stories and articles. The photos and illustrations are always very good too. Congratulations to everyone involved in producing such a quality magazine.
Ken Chambers, via email


I really enjoyed the profiles of Jamie Kennedy and Jeanne Becker by Lonelle Selbo, who brings a zing and zest to her writing that leave the reader smiling. I hope we will see more of her Life au Lait verve as we figure out how to navigate a post-Covid world.
Alan Gratias, Picton


I really loved reading about Jeanne Beker in the Fall issue. As a woman who tenaciously follows all things fashion, obviously Jeanne has been an inspiration for decades. She is truly an icon who has paved the way for so many women, not only in journalism, but as a trail blazer who cleared the road ahead. I have also been following Jeanne’s cancer journey on her social media and wish her a speedy recovery. We need more Jeanne!
Sylvia Barnett, via email

Editor’s Note – In our Fall feature on Jeanne Beker (Scenes from the Front Row), we mistakenly noted that Jeanne once owned a 600-acre farm in Roseneath. Jeanne’s farm was nowhere near that size! We also misspelled her partner Iain MacInnes’s name. We apologize for the errors. *Don’t worry, Jeanne’s column, Joie de Vivre will be back in our spring issue.


There is a lot of uninspired media out there. Always grateful for Watershed. You really nailed the “state of the nation” with the Fall issue as you brilliantly tackled both Affordable Housing as well as Ukrainian refugees. These are the stories that need to be told.
Ken Jones, Belleville


We were travelling through the area and saw the glorious Watershed magazine at one of our favourite shops in Port Hope. The art of story-telling is alive! From knowledgeable write-ups on the environment and local businesses to the bigger issues affecting each and every one of us to Jeanne Beker and Gill Deacon (two of our faves!) to the incredible spread on Jamie Kennedy – it was one beautiful page after another. Where do I sign up for a subscription?
Marissa Graham, Oakville

Editor’s Note – We expected a lot of reaction to our article about falconry (The Wingman), and we weren’t disappointed. Thanks especially to Royal Canadian Falconry for pointing out that our description of the sport was not as comprehensive or representative as it should have been. We will strive to do better.