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Passion. Can-do-attitude. Relationship management.

Right to left: Alyssa Zwonok, Nomad Cre8tive; Jennifer Oram, Songbird Reflexology; Grace Demill, Quality Life

A pain-free way to look at your screens. Creative marketing savvy. Total wellness. Three local entrepreneurs tap into their own health, passions and simple practicality to deliver needed services to the community.

Alyssa Zwonok,
Nomad Cre8tive

When Alyssa Zwonok married a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, she knew she’d have to shift gears on her career path at Toronto creative agencies to accommodate moving to different military bases. “That didn’t mean I couldn’t achieve similar goals,” says Alyssa, who lives in Trenton and is used to working on the go.

She completed part of her fine arts degree in France and travelled around Europe freelancing as a designer. She also worked as a flight attendant for four years. “I’ve always loved the constant chase for growth.” Nomad Cre8tive was founded in 2018 out of her desire to satisfy her passion for design and travel. Now she leads a team of 50 freelancers rolling out marketing for clients in Montreal, Ottawa and Prince Edward County.

Jennifer Oram,
Songbird Reflexology

What’s next after you’ve climbed three of Canada’s highest peaks in the Rockies? Finding a house on two acres in Frankford and starting a home wellness business in 2018 that suits the deep-in-nature environment. “In the summer, I send my clients home with a little flower bouquet and zucchinis,” says Jenn Oram of the feel-good experience she offers at Songbird Reflexology.

With a degree in biological sciences and nutrition, Jenn was drawn to reflexology, where she works on pressure points on the feet as a way to stimulate healing. She recently helped someone with severe back pain return to mountain biking. “One of the things that I love most is that it’s gentle and safe for everyone. I can treat babies – or any age, with any health condition.”

Grace Demill,
Quality Life

Is your laptop or smartphone giving you a headache? Grace Demill was plagued by migraines and insomnia for years, something she attributes to all the screen time.

So the Cobourg marketing entrepreneur and riding instructor decided to find a solution – specialty glasses that block out the blue light emitted by screens, which can mess with your sleep and stress hormones.

“I was honestly a big skeptic,” Grace says. “But I tried them and realized I wanted to share this because it’s too simple and practical to not have in your day-today.” She launched her Quality Life collection of Canadian-designed glasses in September 2021 and hasn’t looked back. “It comes down to helping people, because I know how hard it is to deal with pain.”

Story by:
Karen Hawthorne

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