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Girl Next Door
Daring Dream
Food and Drink
Stella's Eatery


The Sales Barn

Every Tuesday morning farmers in their pickups roll up to a dusty barn just east of Campbellford, which comes to life under the rapid-fire patter of the auctioneer, amidst the cacophony of bleating sheep, bawling cattle and grunting pigs.…

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Drifting Soil

Above the chatter of a nesting swallow by the back door, he hears the incessant flow of traffic. His farm is sandwiched between Highway 2 to the south and the 401 to the north. A short distance away, he can hear the sound of heavy equipment as another subdivision creeps closer from the east. He worries about the future. What will happen to his land? Will his family be able to continue farming? His dog sleeps at his feet without a care in the world.…

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Touch the Earth

A new approach to building homes is as old as the planet itself. Sylvia Cook builds houses out of dirt. it sounds unromantic, but the houses are beautiful. Aerecura Sustainable Builders specialize in rammed earth construction…

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The Canadian Canoe Museum

The most fundamental change in the new museum is not the location or the building; rather it is the ethos. The Canadian Canoe Museum has always acknowledged and respected the primary relationship between Indigenous people and the canoe. And when it opens, this will be the first mainstream Canadian museum with signage in English, French and Anishinaabe, the regional Indigenous language. Indigenous people from six different communities will add more languages.…

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First Flights

Flying above the rugged coast of Nunatsiavut along the Labrador Sea, Zoie Michelin took in the landscape surrounding her: mountains and hills, water so vividly blue and beautiful she could hardly describe it, the presence of her ancestors following along the wind.…

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[Fence Posts]

True Pastry Gloves

This past summer, an old friend of mine asked me to serve as an honorary citizenship judge for the annual Canada Day “reaffirmation” ceremony he supervises in my hometown.…

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[Must, Must, Must]

What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region

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[Cultural Currents]

Vadim Vaskovsky

The ever-changing landscapes and horizons of Prince Edward County continue to inspire the imagination of artist Vadim Vaskovsky.…

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[Follow The Food]

Watershed is on the road

A Local Foodie’s Travel Notes…

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[Beyond the Garden Gate]

Fighting Fire With Fire

The acrid smell of smoke, orange-coloured skies and daily air quality updates defined the summer we have just experienced.…

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[Small Biz Spotlight]

Small Biz Spotlight Fall 2023

What you learn as you’re growing up can resonate years later. These local entrepreneurs have launched businesses on exactly that theme, developing their unique talents to share with the world – and with the people of Watershed country!…

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[Lovin' the Local]

A Showcase Of Locally Curated Products

We’re Lovin’ the Local: A showcase of locally made and locally inspired products that reflect the heart and soul of entrepreneurs rooted in Watershed Country

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[Watershed Presents]

A New Name and a New Fund

As executive director of the Community Foundation of Campbellford/Seymour and Northumberland, Martha Murphy knows the ropes: lunching with the politicians, meeting with volunteers and service organizations and working through applications in the office; …

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Where There’s Smoke

Port Hope’s Sootsoap Supply Co. cleans up at the fire station … and more…

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[Day Tripping]

A Day Trip to Picton

The locals will tell you that Picton is at its best in the fall when the annual fair comes to town. The cooler temperatures are ideal for exploring the fall colours or wandering around one of the town’s many festival offerings.…

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[Life Au Lait]

A Year In The County with Chris Braney

Cidermaker, councillor, musician, historian, builder of walls and eternal jokester Chris Braney takes Lonelle on a year-round adventure on his Hillier farm.…

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[Local History]

Aloha Port Hope

As incredible as it sounds, two brothers raised on a farm near Port Hope grew up to be big influencers in the government of the Kingdom of Hawaii.…

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Fly by Night Friends

Bats are good neighbours, and they could use our help…

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[Field Notes]

Honk if You Love Canada Geese

A few short years ago, a V-shaped skein of migrating Canada geese was a rare sight, as spring and fall were the only times we ever saw them. …

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[Joie De Vivre]

Sheree Rasmussen

Weaving the fabric of the community…

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[Food & Drink Scene]

The Cutting Edge

Pioneering Prince Edward County winemaker, Norman Hardie, prefers viticulture on the edge. It’s where exceptional things happen.…

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Girl Meets Bus

Jenn Vanner’s Westy Wine Tours is the grooviest way to shop, sip and see Prince Edward County.…

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Apple Harvest

At one time, most of the small farms in our area had an apple orchard that produced a healthy crop.…

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[first words]

Jane Kelly

In the early days of Watershed, Meg Botha, our art director lived just around the corner from me. I was a familiar face at Meg’s place – so familiar that her twins called me “Just Jane” because when I knocked at the door, Meg would say to them, “Don’t worry, it’s just Jane.”…

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A Gem First of all, we love your publication and look forward to every edition. We are huge on supporting local so we’re familiar with many of your advertisers. Your latest issue showed two wonderful people, Frank and Jane Abella at La Cultura Salumi (That’s Amore, Summer 2023), where we have shopped since they first opened their business. Thank you so much for showcasing this gem. Tony MacKinnon, via email…

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Johnny C.Y. Lam

An editorial and commercial photographer, Johnny Lam has recently relocated to the historic town of Bonavista, Newfoundland. He has been a regular contributor to Watershed for the past seven years and has shot over 20 feature stories for the magazine.…

Peg Mccarthy

Having had a camera around her neck since she was a teenager, Peg McCarthy’s lens most often catches the quiet beauty of the Northumberland Forest, certain light blue shades found on European doors, and portraits not based on models or ideas, but on individuals.…

Dave Carnahan

A freelance photographer since 1987, Dave Carnahan has had the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of subject matter but is always open to capturing something new. He lives in Quinte West with his partner Mary and their two cherished golden retrievers, Annie and Rosie.…

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